31 October, 2008

Happy Halloween Everyone!

And in the Halloween spirit, here are some fun facts to know and tell:

There is a Satan's Kingdom, VT. (How many churches per capita you think they have there?)

There is a Goblintown, VA. (You just know they've got some kind of halloween parade where everyone dresses up as goblins and run through the cemetery.)

There is a Bloody Springs, MS. (Not taking a shower there....)

Jerry Ayers of Baltimore, Ohio has the record for the fastest pumpkin carver at 37 seconds. (Go Ohio!)

86% of Americans decorate their house for Halloween. (Yeah, that's right...I'm in the majority!!)

Just a few fun facts for you to get through the day on. Happy Halloween everybody!!

30 October, 2008

A suggestion ....

....for my new next-door neighbors. Perhaps if you stopped singing "Heigh-ho-the-merrio, no one likes me" at the top of your lungs, people might like you more. I'm just putting it out there....


Driving home tonight I chanced upon a sign at a park near my house. "Fort Lauderdale Annual Dodgeball Tournament"

Now maybe it's just my inner nerd coming out (I am after all, wearing a Super Mario Brothers 3 t-shirt as I'm posting this.), or maybe it's just my abject hatred of the movie "Dodgeball," but I couldn't imagine what kind of a person (well, minus those who were the school bullies of course) would actually willingly take part in an activity that so many of us despised in grade school. I mean honestly, you're having large balls hurled at you at high speed for hours at a time...for sport? Really? Is this not just a test of our fight or flight reflexes? What's next, stoning for fun and profit?

Maybe I'm just a stick in the mud, but nothing about dodgeball screams "fun" to me....but then, maybe I'm just no fun.

26 October, 2008

Homecoming 2008!!!

I love Indianapolis!!!

I just got back from Butler Homecoming 2008, and had a GREAT time with all my friends. It was incredible to see everyone again, and to get back to Indy, a land that experiences actual seasons.

Check it out! Real trees! Not palm trees, actual honest to God trees!! And they're changing colors! It was amazing, if only for the sheer simple fact that, for the first time since APRIL, I was wearing closed toed shoes, socks, and a jacket -- I miss seasons!

I took Friday off work and left at the inhuman hour of 5am to fly to Indy. The minute I got off the plane and stepped out into the crisp, fall air, I smiled....Home!. A picked me up at the airport and we headed right for Butler, where I met up with Dr. V, one of my favorite professors, for tea. We chatted and caught up on everything that had been going on at Butler (including the new blog another of my professors had started) and in both of our lives, and it was amazing to be back in that atmosphere again. That has to be one of my favorite things about Butler...it's such a small school that not only do your Professors know you by name when you're there, they also remember you and stay in touch once you leave!

After tea with Dr. V, A and I went on to a late lunch with B and J at Bazbeaux in BroadRipple. It was great seeing them again, and getting the chance to catch up with B before he left for a Vegas wedding (Wait, people actually plan those? What happened to the spur-of-the-moment drive-thru chapel with Elvis as the officiant? Is nothing sacred anymore?). We also got the chance to see the new house that he just bought in Indy...it's incredible, and I'm jealous...enough said.

After lunch, A and I made our triumphant return to our mall.

Yes, it's the Fashion Mall at Keystone at the Crossing....the scene of many happy times during our college years...if possible the mall has gotten even better, so we spent a long time wandering around and doing our part to support the economy. :) We also found ourselves with some time to kill in Restoration Hardware, where we happened upon an amazing discovery: astrology books. They had one for each sign, and while we were waiting for the staff to get everything together for the lamps that A was buying, we took the time to read up on our signs, just for a laugh. Imagine our surprise when we discovered how scary accurate they were! For example, I'm a Leo, A is an Aquarius. The book at this to say about friendships between Leo and Aquarius: "There's an immediate sense of connection, and even of fascination, between Leo and Aquarius (It's true, A and I often find each other fascinating.). Like all opposites of the zodiac they're on the same wavelength, so things can really buzz and zing between these two (Okay, fine, generic enough, whatever. Here comes the fun part.). If they find themselves in a room full of people, they'll constantly be looking to one another, not for support so much as for the shared understanding and sense of amusement that is almost telepathic between them. When they're together, it's as though they're part of a well-rehearsed double act." Wow. It's true!!! A and I have this uncanny ability to ... well, mock people. All I have to do is look at her in a room full of people and I know she's seen the same horrible hair, really bad outfit or incredibly awful shoe choice. How did the book know that about us? Are all Leo and Aquarius friendships like this? I'm telling you, if you're in a Restoration Hardware anytime soon (remember, the lighting sale ends Tuesday!) you've gotta go pick up these books...they're amazing!

After that, convertible top down and newly-purchased lamps sticking out the top, it was time to go back to A's place and collapse for the evening.


The next morning we got up early and headed over to BU to begin the Homecoming festivities. It was a beautiful and crisp fall day, so in typical Butler preppy fashion, we picked up some Starbucks on the way to campus and headed over to the belltower for some pictures.

Barktoberfest was fun, and we got to see a ton of people we hadn't expected. We even managed to get some of the old Dinosaur Evolution gang back together, which was totally unexpected, but an altogether welcome surprise. It seems like everyone's doing fairly well, and happy, which is great to see.

After the end of the Homecoming festivities, we headed to Qudoba, one of our favorite old college haunts and had lunch with BH and N, followed by a little more support of the local Indy economy in BroadRipple (what can I say, I like to do my part to get our nation out of this economic downturn!). After our shopping excursion was complete, it was time to head back to A's to (what else?) collapse and prep for the day's main event....that's right, what trip to Indy would be complete without....

The Melting Pot!!

I love the fact that A's mom didn't even have to ask if we were going to MP, she just asked what day we were going. Yes, it's our group's little tradition, something that we all did after finals every semester that we were at Butler. That's A and I in the middle, flanked by AM and her boyfriend, G. G had been to MP before, but I still contend that he hadn't done it "right" until he did it with the gang. I don't think we overwhelmed him too much (at least I hope not!), and he definitely held his own. It was so great to see AM&G again, it had been way too long. After an astonishingly long dinner (we started at 7pm, didn't finish until almost 11pm!!), we parted ways, full and happy.

Sunday was a day of sleeping in and a little more (what else?) stimulating the local economy! We met BH for brunch at another of our favorite haunts, Le Peep. The bunch was as good as I'd remembered, and afterward, we headed over for a little more shopping and a movie. We saw The Duchess, at the new Keystone Arts Cinema, which was very entertaining! A and I saw movies almost every weekend we were in town at Butler, so it was the perfect way to end my visit. A dropped me back at the airport Sunday evening, and I flew back to Florida, happy and content.

It occurs to me as I'm sitting here writing this, that there's really nothing I would change about my college experience. I know that Butler was the right choice, no doubt in my mind about that, and I love all my friends there. My professors were amazing (thanks Dr. V!), the campus is beautiful, and the opportunities I was given were incredible. I guess the only thing I would do differently if given the chance is take more pictures! :) As I got back to the apartment this evening, I had to wonder....being back at Butler was like coming home, no doubt about it -- will Florida ever feel like that? When I think about it, Toledo is home, Pentwater is home, Indy is home, and DC is home...so really, once again, the theory of home being where your friends and people who love you are, proves true. Hopefully Florida will start to feel like home soon, but in the meantime, I'm just lucky to have so many people I care about all over the country.

So on that note, I guess all that's left to say is Happy Homecoming, and Go Bulldogs! (Did I mention we beat Morehead State 31-21 in an amazing second-half rally? Nice job boys!)

22 October, 2008

Early Voting Has Begun in South Florida!!

Well, in all of Florida technically, as well as some other places around the US.

But that's beside the point.

What is my point?

I'm glad you asked!

The point is how I KNOW that voting has begun in South Florida. And the reason I know this, is because when driving past the polling place that I will eventually vote in, I saw that it was being staffed by a large number of people holding up large signs that simply said "VOTE." There were also signs that said "No matter who you vote for, you have to vote." And: "Vote Today!" And these signs....every single one of them....was being held by a Drag Queen.

Yes, that's right. You know voting has begun in South Florida when the Drag Queens start their "Get Out The Vote" campaign in six inch stilettos and mini-skirts. Now I think that it's great that they're getting involved, and I fully support gay rights, but I have to wonder....if George Washington or Thomas Jefferson suddenly rose from the dead, what would they make of this?

(After, of course, we got them to crawl out from under the table where they were hiding from the giant moving metal monsters on the street.)

21 October, 2008

iPod Shuffle

I was just catching up on my friend M's blog, and found the most interesting entry about her 3 year-old's pre-K class all being given iPod shuffles. She's not sure (nor am I) what the reasoning behind that is, but I found the whole thing so fascinating that I had to post the link to it here. Can't wait to hear what the explanation for this one is!

20 October, 2008

And in other good news....

My neighbors just brought me muffins!!

Yes, that's right, the old-school idea of neighbors knowing, acknowledging and actually talking to one another is not dead (much, as I found last week, like chivalry!). My neighbors, C&K, just brought me pumpkin spice butterscotch muffins! I'm starting to think that I'm going to like this building! :)


(That's a girlie scream for those of you not in the know.)

Two of my favorite people in the world just got engaged, and I'm over-the-moon-happy for them. So congratulations you two crazy kids! You're going to be so happy together, and I can't wait to see you in person and celebrate! :)

YAY!!!! :)

18 October, 2008

Joe The Plumber

I know, I know, it's a few days after the final Presidential debate. And Joe the Plumber is beginning to be just a sidenote in history, that will probably be forgotten about by the time a new President is in the White House in January (unless whoever it is invites Joe to a State Dinner....which, let's be honest, is not outside of the realm of possibility.). But Joe the Plumber put my hometown on the map this week.

Yes, that's right, CW5H2O is from Holland Ohio. And of all the things I ever imagined our little village, with a population of less than 1,500 could possibly be famous for, a guy talking to a presidential candidate about taxes had to be pretty low on that list. I was watching the news the next morning, and they were standing in Joe's front yard (which, at 6 in the morning, with TV cameramen mucking up his lawn and lights blaring, I imagine he had to be pretty annoyed about.), and I realized, Joe lives just a couple miles from my parents! And I went to grade school with a girl who lived in his neighborhood! I know where Joe the Plumber lives....how crazy is that?

Does this mean that I can start claiming Joe the Plumber as our most famous resident, instead of Katie Holmes (she is more Toledo than Holland after all)? Please? Pretty pretty pretty please?

Have I ever mentioned that I love Halloween?

Well I do. I am, after all, the girl who realized last year that she had more Halloween decorations than Christmas decorations. And the girl who, despite that fact, went out this year and found a big orange and black sign that says "One hour broom parking only. Violators will be toad." And had to buy it, because even now, weeks later, seeing it hanging in my kitchen every morning makes me laugh.

So in that spirit, I've updated my blog's template for the remainder of the month of October, and added a "gadget" on the side called "The Disturbing World Wide Weird."

I'm not sure how long I'll be able to deal with this much orange and black on my blog, so it may not stick around all the way until Halloween, but as a total holiday nerd, I'll do my level best.


So here's the good news.....

Chivalry? Not dead.

Apparently just hibernating.

I went out with a big group of friends for dinner and drinks tonight, and not only did the guys all do that incredible 'half-stand, half-sit' thing at the restaurant (incredibly attractive guys, FYI), the one who drove us also ran around the car to open the door for the ladies. Chivalrous? Yes. Sexy? Absolutely.

If only guys knew just how easy it was to impress us.....Gentlemen? Take note!

15 October, 2008

Yes Virginia, there are horses in Florida....

Okay, I didn't actually think that there weren't horses in Florida. But when I think of Florida, horses aren't the first things that come to mind. Certainly they aren't the first things that come to mind when I consider effective law enforcement tools for South Florida.

Yes, that's right. Fort Lauderdale has mounted police. I saw them for the first time on my way home last Friday. There was a herd (yeah, they're on horses, so I'm calling them a herd, what're you gonna do about it?) of them on Sunrise, clustered around a convenience store that appeared to have just been robbed. My initial reaction was the classic double-take. Seriously? How stretched thin is FLPD that the only unit available to respond to an armed robbery is the Mounted Police? Then of course I almost got into an accident because I was totally rubber-necking, starring at the policemen on horses. I can't believe I was rubber-necking. I HATE people who rubber-neck!

The second sighting was on my way to the airport to pick up M on Saturday afternoon. This time it was just one, standing (parked? can you park a horse? any cowboys out there want to lend a suggestion? my horse vocab seems to be sorely lacking for this post.) at the side of the road to the airport with a radar detector. And I just had to say, once again, Seriously?? I mean really? What is he going to do if he catches someone speeding? Trot after them? Canter? Gallup? How fast can a horse go anyhow? I presume they can't outrun a car, but maybe I'm wrong (again, cowboys, any thoughts?). This time I did NOT rubber-neck, but it did give me a nice chuckle all the rest of the way to the airport.

In other news, it's been another rough week at work. I'm still feeling overwhelmed on a regular basis and in need of a good laugh. And sleep. Did I mention sleep? But if anyone else is feeling the same way, I offer up the thing that made me crack up laughing when talking to one of my best friends today: "Well, if you have time later, we can debate the number of gremlins that can dance on the head of a lit match." Only a crazy person would offer that up when a friend said they were in need of a good laugh...but then I laughed, so I guess we're both crazy, huh? Hey, whatever works!

14 October, 2008

re: Sun, Fun and Relaxation!

Just dropped M off at the airport...an early start to the day, to be sure, but well worth it for a great weekend catching up with an old friend. Fun, sun and relaxation, absolutely perfect in my book, though I know she's excited to get home to the boys. Thanks for coming M, it was a great time! See you back here this time next year?

08 October, 2008

An Objective View....

For a truly objective view on last night's presidential debates, I went to my favorite mascot, Butler Blue II, who had this to say about who he thought the winner of the second debate was:

"I like to think of myself as a pretty good judge of character (a lot of dogs are) and from what little I saw of the debate tonight, I’d vote for that Tom Brokaw guy...just some free advice from your mascot."

As a sidenote, I can't wait for Homecoming!

06 October, 2008


I know I usually post rants, or silly little stories, or random musings and wonderment, but the thing is, whatever your political views, whether you're Democrat or Republican, you've gotta register to vote. And then you need to go out on November 4th, and you've got to actually vote. Every vote counts, and this election is inevitably going to be a close one. And after all, if you don't vote, you can't bitch about the outcome. And we all know how much I like to bitch...so vote!

For the record:

The Smurfs is out on DVD.

Now I know that I've been accused, and rightfully so, of being obsessed with TV shows on DVD, but The Smurfs? Really?

****Okay, as a sidenote, I was about to write "Really? Next thing you're going to tell me is that The Gummi Bears (bouncing here and there and everywhere...high adventure that's beyond compare....) are coming out on DVD too." Then I thought better of it, and it occured to me to check. Lo and behold....


05 October, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Well, once again the weekend's gone too fast. I was in DC for M's bridal shower, and it was a great time. K&G let me stay with them, which was perfect, since the shower was at their place (and they have a puppy!!!!!!!), and it all went swimmingly. M's family all showed up, the games that S and I organized were NOT rpt NOT cheesy, and went over very well, the food was perfect, and a good time was had by all. It was a lot of fun, and now I can't wait for the wedding!

After the shower, I headed out for dinner with the girls at Dehli Club in Clarendon. I met up with D, M and S and we got to spend the whole evening catching up. There's something about dinner with girlfriends, especially good Indian food with girlfriends, that really just makes me happy. I had one of those moments when I pictured my life as a movie, with the great background music (maybe something a la The Big Chill?) swelling as we laughed and talked the night away. We got to vent about work, bitch about life and gossip about boys....all of which my regular life is severely lacking! That's the thing I miss most about DC, STILL....girlfriends. Someone to hug me when I need it, someone to talk to me about boys, about work, about family, about life. A phone conversation just isn't the same, and the girls at the office are great, don't get me wrong, we're just not at that point yet. It doesn't feel the same, and I suppose I don't expect it to. It's just nice to get home, and see friends again. These little trips back to DC are really what's keeping me sane right now.

Speaking of seeing friends...I got to have brunch with H&J this morning! We met up at Talluah's in Clarendon, one of their favorite brunch spots, and got to have a lovely meal outside on a beautiful fall day (and we won't even talk about the fact that when I got back to FL tonight it was 89 degrees with humidity you had to take a machete to when walking out of the airport). Now these two I really love. They're great together, and play off each other so well. When you're around them, you can't help but be swept up in their ease with each other, and happiness. And funny...god, get the three of us together and we're just constantly mocking, laughing and snarking back and forth...thank god for friends that understand and appreciate my persnickety side!!! It was a great way to end the weekend.

I was sad to leave of course, but I'll be back for the wedding in November, and hopefully will be able to see everyone again...maybe for longer than a couple hours this time (fingers crossed!)!!

So now I'm back in Florida (you'll note I still can't quite manage to say that I'm "home"...I think that'll come with time), typing away to all of you at my computer and staring out my office window at the Ft. Lauderdale skyline at night, which is beautiful, and I'm resisting the urge to look around the room and realize the horrific state it's in...M and Baby C arrive on Friday, so I've got all week to clean, which I'll hopefully do a little bit at a time, rather than in a big frenetic burst in the wee hours of Thursday night. I can't wait to see M again and meet Baby C, so it's going to be yet another busy weekend with friends...my favorite kind! For now I'm going to make myself a quick sandwich for dinner and collapse in front of my TiVo and catch up on some MUCH needed TV viewing before my poor machine gets overloaded! G'night all!

03 October, 2008


My friend A found out this morning that she passed the bar exam!! Woo-hoo! So if you know A, or see her online, tell her congrats, it's well deserved, and she worked really hard (not that any of us who know her ever had a doubt in our minds!). Way to go!

02 October, 2008

The VP Debate

Okay, I can't be 100% sure, because I came in a little late, but I'm reasonably certain that Sarah Palin didn't pronounce the name of a single world leader correctly. I mean it...maybe it was the accent, and I'll have to go back and check, but I think she even pronounced Castro wrong!! I sat there on my bed the entire time, clenching the sheets in my fists. Now I know that world politics and foreign policy are kind of my thing, and I certainly don't expect everyone in the US to be able to pronounce Ahmadinejad or Karzai or Maliki correctly, but I damn well expect someone who's trying to be the Vice President of the United States to do it right!!

(See, that wasn't a very long rant, was it?)