29 November, 2008

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

None, if it's lying dead in front of your house.

Yes, that's right, we woke up this morning to find a GIANT woodchuck (or at least it seems giant to us, it's the size of a full-grown lab.) dead in front of our neighbor's house. Apparently he almost ran it over when leaving his house this morning, and would have run it over if not for the timely internevtion of another neighbor who was out walking her dog. Yuck.

This of course begs the question....who do you call to remove dead critters from your front lawn? RoadKillBusters? Dad and I did have a moment of levity about it though. We have an ongoing prank with some of our friends in another neigborhood...we leave things in each other's garages (wheelbarrows, paint cans, ladders) and see how long it takes the other family to notice. I somehow feel that "dead woodchuck" might get noticed a little sooner than anything else we've tried. But then there's the ick factor of getting it there. And the mean factor...we like these people, we want them to continue to be our friends!

**Follow-up: It seems that you call the Department of Waste to get rid of roadkill in front of your house. Sadly, they're not open on Saturdays. Thank God it's cold outside, otherwise....ewwwww....**

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, ate way too much and watched lots of TV!

25 November, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well I'll post more about M&D's wedding later, but suffice to say that a great time was had by all. There were minimal hitches, and the happy couple had an amazing day. I'm thankful that I got to meet all the folks in the bridal party, because I think I've made some really good friends! And in the spirit of the season:

Things I'm thankful for:

-- My friends. I love you guys more than I can ever say. From people who've known me since I was 4, to High School friends, to Butler people, to DC friends, to the friends I'm just meeting now, you've all been there for me when I've needed you. You each hold a different aspect of my life, know a different part of me, and I'm so grateful for that.

-- My family. Crazy-making though they may be, I love 'em. Family is family, and I'm grateful for mine.

-- My job. To have a job I love, to get to do good work that interests and excites me, in this world right now, in this economy, I'm unbelievably lucky.

-- My health. It's something I've never given much thought to, but I do realize how lucky I am, and I'm very thankful.

-- Good Memories. This year alone I've created amazing memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Vegas with T and S, Pentwater with S and A, picnics that took two hours to get the grill lit, my going-away party in DC, watermelon spitting contests on the National Mall, Disney with A, Homecoming at Butler with B, A, A&G, M&D's wedding...all amazing memories that keep me going when things look bleak.

-- My friends. You guys rock, you merit two thank you's.

That's just a short list, because I do know that I've been incredibly blessed, and I'm so thankful for everything in my life. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I'm headed to T-town at the crack of dawn tomorrow, so I'll be back next week, with plenty to tell, I'm sure. G'night!

20 November, 2008


Well, I'm off to Spanish class, then to work, then to the airport for M&D's wedding!! All that means I'm going to be MIA on the blog for awhile, but hopefully I'll have some crazy wedding stories when I get back. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

19 November, 2008

Only in South Florida....

I was out for my evening stroll tonight, and I noticed a few things. (Be forewarned...here comes a three part rant about Fort Lauderdale.)

#1: When you put on your "For Sale" sign that not only is your house waterfront, and not only does it have a pool, but that it has a waterfront pool? You're just bragging. It's obnoxious. What, do you have a helipad in the garden too? If you tell me that you have the ability to run a global war from the sun porch, I'm just going to cry.

#2: Can anyone tell me why, ON EARTH, someone would go to the trouble of building themselves a huge, beautiful mansion in South Florida, only to completely mar its beauty by carving their name into the front wall, in giant, two foot tall letters? This is not something you can just spackle over people....getting rid of this thing would basically mean knocking out the south wall of the entire house. I feel like there are probably some necessary support beams in there somewhere. Now I don't profess to be a real estate expert, and perhaps some of my lovely readers who are can enlighten me, but wouldn't having a family name engraved onto the side of a home, oh, I don't know, reduce the resale value? A little? And we're not talking about a "Smith" or a "Jones" or a "Rodriguez" here. It's not like Bob and Suzy Smith are going to see this place on the market in 15 years and say to themselves: "My God! It's like it was meant to be!" We're talking about a crazy-long Polish name that I've A) never heard of, and B) can't even attempt to pronounce. And even if you're planning on retiring and spending the rest of your life in this house, and handing it down to your children and your children's children, odds are good that eventually, the family line is going to die out, or your descendants are going to want to move, and then (to quote a favorite TV show) I believe the appropriate metaphor involves a river of excrement and a Native American water vessel without any means of propulsion.

#3: Yard signs have started popping up that read: "Christmas decorating service. Prices start at only $2,000." Seriously? First of all, I think decorating the house for Christmas is one of the best parts of the Christmas season! Put on some Bing, a little Frank, some TSO to spice things up, and break out the nog! I wouldn't give that up for anything! And secondly, starting at only $2,000?? For something you should be able to do yourself? INSANE!!

It's like a whole different world down here, I'm telling you....

18 November, 2008

Guess what I bought???

Yes, that's right, after heming and hawing (what does that expression even mean anyway?) for over two years, I finally succumbed and bought ...... a Wii!

Self-Justification: Wii Fit is out. I'm on a new "exercise and health" kick. There was a bundled special. It's pretty!! :)

So clearly the only things making me leave the house in the next few weeks are going to be A) Work (paycheck to fund the Wii purchase) and B) M&D's upcoming wedding, for which I am a bridesmaid.

Let the fun begin!

17 November, 2008


Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen, I DEFINITELY picked the right place to live, because a block from my apartment one way is the beach, and the other way, as I discovered on my evening walk today, is a park along the intercoastal where ROWERS MEET TO PRACTICE EVERY DAY!! Did you hear me?? I have ROWERS!! ROWERS!!!!!!! Clearly this brings me no small amount of joy, and I'm currently plotting all the different ways I could get involved in what appears to be a high school rowing program...but still, even if I can just watch them derigging and loading the boats it'll make me happy! Of course thinking about it, that would probably be no small amount creepy for them....okay, new plan: think up non-creepy ways of getting back involved in rowing again...any thoughts?

16 November, 2008

Hometown Pride!

I'm sitting here watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which this week, is in Toledo. And I'm looking at this family, and seeing everything they've gone through, and I've heard reports over the last few weeks from my friends and family back home, about how good this experience has been for the community, and how everyone really came together to help these people, and I keep seeing snapshots of people that I know from the neighborhood, people I went to school with, people from church, and I'm just feeling this huge surge of hometown pride! I'm a midwest girl, and proud of it!

Well done Toledo!


And I forgot to add, a HUGE congratulations to B, who just closed on his new house in Indy! Congrats B, the place is amazing! :)

What a weekend!

Well, Aunt D, in her usual way, has gotten up to leave at the crack of dawn, so here I am, finally able to post again about the wonderful weekend! As I said before, TSO on Thursday was amazing...I encourage anyone who hasn't seen them live to do so, it was just incredible. You can feel be beat in your chest, and I didn't stop grinning for about an hour after the show.

Friday I worked all day, then got back to the apartment at the same time Aunt D did, and we went out to dinner. We went to bed early Friday night, because Saturday was Cirque du Solei in Miami! We went to see Corteo, which was incredible. It's my third Cirque show, and was completely different than the first two, but equally good!

One downside to the weekend was finding out that my cousin J isn't going to be around for Christmas. Now keep in mind, I'm not that close to the cousins on Mom's side of the family, mainly because they've always living in FL and we've never spent a holiday down here. It's literally been 30+ years since my mother has gotten to have Christmas with her whole family, and so naturally, J has decided to go to Africa to teach computer skills to children over the holidays. GAH!!! I just don't understand...and Aunt D and Mom were sooo upset when they found out, which just makes me really sad. I don't want to spend Christmas in Florida, and I'll always be a white-Christmas-midwest-girl at heart, but I'm also a daughter who loves her mom, and I know how important this is to her, so I'm staying in Florida and having a palm tree Christmas, and I'm not going to whine or moan about it (at least not anywhere other than this blog!), because Christmas with her family for the first time in 30+ years is probably the best gift I can ever give my mom.

Okay, I'm heading out for a morning walk along the beach, actually wearing long pants because it's in the 50s (albeit high 50s) for the first time since I moved here, and it finally feels like it might be fall! Between this and TSO, I'm finally starting to get into the holiday spirit! Hope everyone's having a good weekend! :)

13 November, 2008

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I just got back from seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert.



I've wanted to see these guys for 7 years, and just haven't been able to make it work, but it was totally worth the wait. Absolutely incredible, I can't say enough good things....and now, I care much less about the 4-story tall reindeer at the mall! I'm in the Christmas spirit baby! Woo-hoo! I heart TSO! :D

For the record:

There are two GIANT 4-story tall bright red reindeer outside of the Galleria Mall now. Much as I love Christmas (and I do, it's my favorite holiday!), I still attest that it is too early for Giant 4-story reindeer. Also, it's 85 degrees and sunny. It's just weird.

12 November, 2008

Random Typing....

So today was pretty much all about typing. I really don't think that I've typed this much since college. It's amazing I don't have carpal tunnel! I was writing memo after memo, e-mail after e-mail, all day long. As it is I've had to wait several hours before sitting down to type this post, and I'm only doing it now so that I don't forget to post it this week, b/c otherwise I'm a total flake.

So here's the thing. Around about 3pm, after I'd been typing pretty much straight since 8am, I was going cross-eyed staring at the computer screen, so I just took off my glasses for a minute to let my eyes rest, but kept typing. I knew what I wanted to say, so I just let my eyes blur and kept going.

You know how after you say a word over and over and over again it starts to loose all meaning? Or when you were in school and you stared at the teacher up at the front of the class for so long that they seemed to get smaller and further away? Well, turns out typing is sort of like that. After awhile, I just kind of looked at my fingers flying across the keyboard as though they weren't attached to my body anymore, and my mind went abstract. Typing is an odd sort of thing. I started taking "keyboarding" classes when I was literally in Kindergarten. K-8th I took typing every year. Then when I got to high school, I was told that typing class was a required class for all freshmen. So I did it again. And finally, after three weeks of typing nothing but a s d f j k l ; I'd had enough...I went up to the teacher and begged her to let me type an actual word. Something other than "as" or "ass" or "add" or "all" or "ask." Something, please God, with more than one syllable. She was somehow shocked that I already knew how to type (Really?? This was a private Catholic school...her surprise still surprises me.), gave me a typing test, was astonished at my wpm, and immediately told me I could use the class as a study hall. But I digress.

The human brain is kind of an amazing thing. I think about the sentences that I want to type, and I type them. I don't think of the individual letters that make up the words, I just think the words and then my fingers hit the right letters almost unconsciously (except for with works like unconsciously, which I have to think about and make sure I spell correctly.). It's sort of amazing, and I guess I can understand why some of the people I work with who are in my parents' generation, who didn't take 9+ years of typing classes are amazed that I can be carrying on a perfectly normal conversation with them, looking them right in the eye, while typing out an e-mail or instant message to someone else, fingers flying across the keyboard without even looking down. I've always taken it for granted, been confused by their astonishment, but stepping back and looking at it objectively, it's not "just multitasking" like I always used to say. It's that my brain has been trained since I was about 5 years old to do this, in much the same way that I can walk or eat or cook while carrying on a conversation. So once again, the human brain is kind of an amazing thing!

Not least of all because from this human brain came this completely RANDOM and inane post!! :)

11 November, 2008

It's official.....

Christmas decorations have gone up at the local stores. The mall, Target, everywhere. There's a freakin' 20 foot tall Christmas tree at the Galleria. Bing and Frank are being piped in, and it's being touted as the most wonderful time of the year. Already.

I don't know if it's the fact that I'm in Florida now, and sat out by the pool on Veteran's Day, but it seems so early to me. I know it gets earlier and earlier every year, and I know that with the economy tanking like it is, retailers are hoping to get people shopping sooner, to make up for the fact that sales will probably be low this year, but I have to say, I think I'm going to have a little trouble getting into the Christmas spirit if it's still in the mid-80's in December. I don't mean to complain or anything, but it's just...weird. It's too early for Christmas decorations!!

I heart my job...

Well I slept in, just got back from the pool, and will be heading out to get a pedicure soon, followed by some shopping. That's right, it's Veteran's Day people! Another one of those crazy holidays that the Federal Government gets off and that everyone else is just kind of confused by. I'm trying to decide what color to paint my toes...M&D's wedding is in two weeks, and the dresses are navy, so would it be overkill to get my toes painted navy? I just can't decide.

On a more serious note, I know this day isn't just about getting a day off from work. It's about the men and women who have fought for our country and have made incredible sacrifices for our freedom. So for everyone out there who has fought, is fighting and will fight for our country, simply, very simply, thank you.

10 November, 2008


As many of you know, How I Met Your Mother (or, HIMYM, as J and I like to call it), is one of my favorite shows on TV. Along with The Big Bang Theory; I never miss either. So imagine my shock, and genuine horror when I read this story on People.com.

Now I'm sure that executive producer Craig Thomas is joking, but if he's not? I quit.

That is all.

In The News...

Today is Monday, November 10th, 2008. In the news today, at one of the holiest sights in Christianity, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem (the sight of Jesus' crucifixion, burial and resurrection.), a fist-fight broke out between two rival sets of Armenian and Greek Orthodox monks, who proceeded to shove, scratch and trade blows during a procession marking the 4th century discovery of the cross on which Jesus is believed to have been crucified. (See news article for further details.)

Now this just may be me, but aren't monks supposed to take vows to live simple lives, devoted to God and good works? And wouldn't you think that getting into fisticuffs over who gets to walk thorough the church first would, I don't know, somehow undermine those vows? And okay, maybe someone, somewhere, will say "well, they were just fighting with each other, what's the big deal?" But check out the CNN.com article (linked above) and you'll see photos of the monks brawling with the Israeli police who came to break up the fight.

They're monks for God's sake! (LITERALLY!) Shouldn't they be above this sort of thing?

08 November, 2008

It appears I'm finally a grown-up....

When I was a kid, 7/8/9 years old, I had three main criteria for what "being a grown-up" really meant.

1.) Arguing with my friends over who gets the check at dinner.
2.) Greeting my friends with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
3.) Not sleeping in past 9am.

It appears that at 26 years old, I might finally be "a grown-up." At least according to my childhood-self! Last night I had dinner with P&J, who're in town before leaving on a Caribbean cruise. The check came at the end of the evening and J snatched it up before I could even put a finger on it, and P insisted that they had it. We argued for a little bit before I finally let them pay (mainly because J's a military man, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't take him.). #1, check.

When I was at homecoming a couple weekends ago, I greeted everyone with a hug, and many with a kiss on the cheek. Maybe it's the Latins rubbing off on me, or maybe it's just a southern thing (hey, VA and FL are both below the Mason-Dixon line, it counts!), but it's apparently what I do now. #2, check.

And for the last year, I've never been able to sleep past 9am, regardless of what time I've gone to bed the night before. Often, I can't even make it to 8am before waking up on my own accord! #3, check.

Oh God...I have a steady job, I pay bills, have my own apartment, cook for myself, AND I've checked off everything on my childhood "adult" list...I think I might actually be a grown-up. No quotation marks necessary.

Is it weird that I'm no small amount freaked out by that?

07 November, 2008


Stuck in Traffic that just won't move?

Why not be productive? Instead of flipping through the radio stations and sighing with annoyance, try what I witnessed walking back from dinner with my friends this evening. The bridge by my apartment was up, and two guys had hopped out of their cars and were proceeding to have a contest to see who could do the most push-ups before the bridge went back down. A crowd had gathered, people were honking and cheering on their respective horses, and placing bets on who would win. Yes kids, that's South Florida, where we really know how to class up a traffic jam!

06 November, 2008

Position paper....

Someone asked me today what my position on education was. They were actually asking about everything (the CW5H2O doctrine, so to speak), and now that the election is over, I can actually talk about things like that. Shockingly enough (yes, that was sarcasm children, I know I'm obsessive, no need to harp on it.), the first thing that came to my mind was a quote from (do I even need to say it at this point?) The West Wing:

"Education is the silver bullet, education is everything. We don't need little changes, we need gigantic, monumental changes. I think schools should be palaces. The competition for the best teachers should be fierce, they should be making six figure salaries. Schools should be incredibly expensive for government and absolutely free of charge to its citizens, just like national defense. That's my position. I just haven't figured out how to do it yet."

05 November, 2008

Sound Familiar?

TiVo has been recording episodes of The West Wing for me, and something struck me about Season 7. It was a low rated season, to be sure, but check this out.

From "Faith Based Initiative" :

"I wanted to start this journey in the place where it all started for me. Soon, we will be inundated by the polls, the punditry, and prognostications, all the nonsense that goes with our national political campaigns. Well, none of that matters. This is the place that matters. Because everyday, children come to this schoolhouse to glimpse their futures, to ask for hope. They may not know they need it yet, but they do. And I'm here to tell you that hope is real. In a life of trials, in the world of challenges, hope is real. In a country where families go without healthcare, where some go without food, some don't even have a home to speak of, hope is real. In a time of global chaos and instability where our faiths collide, as often as our weapons, hope is real. Hope is what gives us the courage to take on our greatest challenges, to move forward together. We live in cynical times, I know that. But hope is not up for debate. There is such a thing as false science, there is such a thing as false promises, I am sure I will have my share of false starts. But there is no such thing as false hope. There is only hope."

From "Election Day, Part II" :

"First, I want to say a special word of thanks to Senator Vinick, and I ask you all to join me in applauding his lifetime of service. Arnie Vinick made this a better campaign, and he's made this a better country for all of us. My father was a barber, my mother a domestic servant, and I never dreamed that I'd have this chance to serve so many people in so many ways. It would be easy for me to stand here and claim a sweeping mandate for the next four years. I can't do that. This was a razor-thin election. My intention is to be the President of everyone - black or brown, yellow or white, Republican or Democrat. I've got a lot of reaching out to do. America has become more polarized - you can't run for President and not see that. Our votes may have been divided, but our country will not be divided. Because, ultimately, it's not about left or right, it's about doing right. Together, we are going to lift up those who have been let down. We are going to ensure that the promise of America is not the privilege of the few, but the birthright of all Americans. I am more grateful than I can say, you have given me an opportunity that comes to few people. Perhaps fewer are worthy of it. God bless you, and God bless America."

Both are quotes from the character Matthew Santos, played by Jimmy Smitts. Do you think he and the writers of the final season of The West Wing ever look back at 2006 and wonder how they got that close to the truth? Think it's possible that Obama's speech writers were West Wing fans? God knows we could do worse!

Election Day - The Generation Gap

Talked to my parents this morning, both huge McCain supporters.

They went to bed last night at 9pm.


We didn't even KNOW ANYTHING at 9pm!!

But this conversation led to a new revelation about my mom: she has a bit of a mean streak in her!

She got up at 5am this morning to go walk the puppy, then turned on the news and saw that Obama won. So she makes her breakfast, takes a shower, and then goes to wake up Dad. His first question: "Well, how much did he win by?" To which Mom responded: "He didn't. McCain managed to pull it out in the end, McCain won!"

My father sat STRAIGHT UP in bed, got all excited and fumbled around for the TV remote, shouting "REALLY? THIS IS AMAZING! INCREDIBLE!!" At which point my mother had to tell him that no, she was kidding, Obama won and would be the 44th President of the United States. Now I like Obama and I wouldn't even have done that! Who knew my innocent little mother had that kind of a cruel, sadistic streak in her? Maybe we're more alike than I thought! ;)

04 November, 2008


NBC News is projecting that the 44th President of the United States will be Barack Obama. And history is made. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard on both campaigns. Well done to everyone who went out to vote. I think at the end of the day, we're going to look at this election, and see records broken everywhere. Impressive job America. :)

Election Evening, Part II

Here's how my election evening is going so far. Watching MSNBC and g-chating and e-mailing with friends in my office. Watching CNN and eating popcorn and pizza in the living room with neighbors. Watching BBC America and texting with friends in the bedroom.

Yes, my inner political geek is, well, totally geeked out.

Election Evening...

A just called from Grant Park in Chicago, where she's waiting in line to get in. I'm jealous! And apparently the official election updater...fun! :)

I'm still anxiously awaiting the final results from Florida and Indiana. The northwest quadrant of Indiana has gone for Obama, and obviously Marion county. I can't remember the last time Indiana was too close to call in a Presidential election. That's an accomplishment on its own!

Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and DC

So here's something I don't understand. I'm watching MSNBC and CNN, looking at the electoral math from several different sources, and I see that they're calling Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and DC for Obama. With 0% of precincts reporting.


I'm confused.....

Live Election Results!

Okay, I have no idea if this is going to work or not, and I totally stole it from Mark, so if it doesn't I'm blaming him (Al said it was okay!). Enjoy!

Election Afternoon...

I'll probably be posting more of these throughout the rest of today, and I'll try to be as bi-partisan with my mocking as possible, but here's one just for starters:

Seen on CNN this afternoon:

Sarah Palin, talking to reporters after casting her vote in Wasilla this morning, was asked who she voted for. Her response? She said she was going to avail herself of her right to privacy and not tell anyone who she voted for.



I would presume that most of us could guess, unless she's had an 11th hour change of heart and decided to vote for Ralph Nader. You never know!

And before you nay-sayers jump in and say that she was just joking around, she wasn't. Or at least if she was, she wasn't doing it well. She didn't crack a smile once (and come on, that woman smiles A LOT!), she didn't wink, she didn't laugh, nothing. She said it with a straight face and moved onto the next question.

Which was, FYI, on what she would do about US/Japan foreign policy.

Again, really Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman? Of all the foreign policy issues going on in our world today, you're going to pick US/Japan foreign policy? Not Iran? Not Venezuela? Not Iraq? Not Afghanistan? If you're going to go Asian, how 'bout China and Taiwan signing new economic accords? That's a pretty big deal! Sigh. Oh well. That's all for now, I'm off to watch copious amounts of 24 news. :)

Election Day

Happy Election Day everybody!

No matter who you vote for, don't forget to vote!! :)

03 November, 2008

Crazy Day....

What is it about Mondays? I mean seriously...does Murphy come to visit more on Mondays just because they both start with 'M'?

Tired? Yes.

Going to bed early? Absolutely.

Chocolate? Don't mind if I do!

02 November, 2008

What Not To Do: Tip #173

Gentlemen, from time to time on this blog, I offer tips...little items that most men should know, but perhaps don't. This is one of those times...tonight you can thank a guy I'll call Ricky, who I met in the grocery store this evening. So, courtesy of Ricky, here's What Not To Do On A Date Tip #173:

When inviting a woman over to your home and offering to cook her a nice dinner, be prepared to, in fact, offer her a nice dinner. And if the only thing you know how to cook is steak, that's fine, I know many women who like steak. If you're going to go to the trouble of buying $45 worth of prime cut filet mignon, please, please, for the love of God, put a little thought into what you're going to serve as side dishes (yes, you need side dishes). Do not, under any circumstances, take a page out of Ricky's book and ask a random girl in the grocery store, what kind of potato chips she thinks would go well with filet mignon. There are no potato chips that would go well with filet mignon. I don't care how completely inept you are in the kitchen, you can toss together a salad, they even have them bagged and ready to go...all you have to do is open and put in a bowl. Or get some frozen veggies...they even have the ones that you can microwave in the bag, and then again, open and put in a bowl. Baked potatoes are pretty simple, and always go well with steak. All you have to do is poke them with a fork a couple times, then put them in a 425 degree oven for 50 minutes. Easy peasy. But for the love of God, if you're going to spend $45 on nice steaks, honor the steak AND the girl by making the side dishes more than what you'd serve if it was a super bowl party.

Poor Ricky....I met him at the grocery store at 6, the girl was coming over at 7, and he was just buying dinner, wearing plaid board shorts and a white t-shirt with stains all over it. I'm thinking the boy might not get a second date.

Mad Men and Mexican Food

So I'm catching up on my "Mad Men" episodes this weekend (I haven't watched in about 5 weeks!), and during one of the more recent episodes, a woman asks Don Draper if he's ever had Mexican food. This struck me as a bit of an absurd question, but then when Draper replied "No" I was shocked. I mean, it's set in the early 1960s, didn't they have Mexican food then? Certainly in Manhattan, right? Wouldn't you think?

I guess it's a generational thing, because it honestly didn't occur to me that in the 1960s, they wouldn't have had Mexican food. I suppose I've never stopped to think about when different cuisines came to America. Italian must have been one of the first, but what about others? What about Indian, or Chinese, or Lebanese, or Persian? I mean, when did all these foods that we take for granted today, really enter mainstream American households? It's an interesting question, but more interesting, for me, is the fact that I'd never thought about it before! Not once, in 26 years, did I ever stop to think that of course there was a time when these things weren't available on every street corner. That there was a time when you couldn't have Mexican or Chinese or even Pizza, easily delivered to your home 24 hours a day! I tell you what though, I'm really happy to be living in a world where they are, I promise you that.