30 April, 2009

Random Post of the Day...

So I added a random widget to my iGoogle homepage called "Things to Ponder." One of today's thoughts to ponder was "Why don't we get goosebumps on our faces?" And I had to stop and think about it, and I realized that they're right! It's among one of the strange things that you realize from time to time, along with the fact that it's impossible to keep your eyes open when you sneeze, and you can't fold a piece of paper in half more than seven times. Totally random, something I've never thought about before, but it occupies my mind for a good little while, and gives me something random to post about on what was otherwise a very unremarkable day!

29 April, 2009

Michael J. Fox and Hamsters

So I've always loved Michael J. Fox, and his wife's position on hamsters means I have to love her too....

Right around the 8:25min mark, he starts talking about how his 7yr old daughter Esme wants a hamster, and how his wife, Tracy, thinks that having a pet rodent is somewhere in the same neighborhood as having a pet cockroach for fun.

I've gotta say, I love it. I had a pretty traumatic experience with my friend M's hamster, Josh in college. I was left alone in the apartment with Josh, responsible only for feeding him, which I could get on board with. It didn't require touching him in any way, so I was good. A came over and we were just chilling out, probably watching The West Wing or something, when A noticed that there was something wrong with Josh's eye. It was about 6 times it's normal size. If you've seen the movie Bedtime Stories (don't judge me, it was the in flight movie), think Bugsy the hamster. It was pretty late, but we were freaked out enough to call an emergency vet and talk to her. She told us to bring Josh in the next day so she could check him out. When I told A that we had to do this the next morning, her response was: "When you say 'we' you mean you and the real you, right?" But in true best friend fashion, she helped me carry Josh's cage to the car and take him to the vet bright and early the next morning.

M got back after the weekend and dealt with the situation at the vet's (apparently in addition to the eye thing, Josh was depressed? I don't know how they could tell, but I didn't go to vet school), but sadly, Josh didn't survive. However, to this day, anytime I think of hamsters (which I didn't really like all that much to begin with), I think of Josh, and the bulging eye. So I guess my future children will just have to deal with having a couple dogs instead of a hamster. I think they'll survive!

Of Allergies and Sleep Deprivation

Fair Warning: This post is going to be a little bit whiny...feel free to quit reading now.

So it seems that for reasons passing understanding, I haven't been able to get on a regular sleep schedule since leaving for Seattle. I got up at 0 dark 30 to get on the plane, but as per usual couldn't sleep during the flight. While I was there it didn't really matter because I was having too much fun to really notice how tired I was. Then getting back to FL it was non-stop work, so I never really got the chance to catch up on sleep. Then this weekend was the trip to DC, and getting smacked in the face with the fact that I'm allergic to everything that's blooming inside the Beltway this time of year (thank you 600 pollen count!). So in addition to running around with all my friends and paying no attention to the lateness of the hour, I was also all sinusy and unable to sleep. So I couldn't sleep on the plane coming back to FL. So now I'm working all day, getting home and collapsing for a 30min nap, and then not being able to fall asleep until 2am, and having to get up at 6:30 to start the whole cycle over again.

I thought I had the whole thing nailed today though. I got home from the office, had a nice long phone conversation with A, and planned to start paying bills, finishing my VA Tax Return (due on the 1st), catching up on my TiVo, and reading the latest Dresden Files book (amazing by the way). I thought that if I could manage to do all this and stay awake until 9pm, I could go to sleep early and reset my internal clock.

Yeah, not so much.

I hung up the phone with A, and the next thing I knew, it was 8:30 and my phone was ringing! Darn it! I don't know how I managed to fall asleep, but I did it. Again. So here I sit, finishing my VA Tax Return, typing up a blog entry, WIDE AWAKE. Sigh...If I'm laying awake at 2am staring at the ceiling again, I'm going to be really annoyed.

On a lighter note, I'm starting to plan the next 5H2O trip with A and S this summer! Oh, and for the benefit of those who don't know, Pentwater, Michigan is the tiny little town right on Lake Michigan where my family's had a cottage for four generations. It's my favorite place in the whole entire world; one of those 'everybody knows everybody and everybody's business' kind of towns, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I've been going there my entire life, have friends who've gone there their entire lives, and a summer never seems complete without a visit to 5H2O. Every once in awhile, usually around the start of Spring or Fall, I'll step outside in the morning, sniff the air and announce: "Smells like Pentwater!" There's something about the place that's just magical for me and mine. The summer art fair, four ice cream stores (but no grocery story), two putt-putt courses, walking down a flight of stairs and arriving at the beach, the Thursday night band concert in the town square....It's amazing. Which is why I can't wait to get A and S up there again for 4th of July festivities! It's going to be so much fun!!!

28 April, 2009

Another weekend, another trip!

I'm a traveling machine these days, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I went to DC this weekend to see friends and get a little bit of work done. It was amazing to be "home." People laugh at me when I talk about a million different places as "home" but it's true. Home is where the people you love are, and God knows there are a lot of people I love in DC. Despite forgetting that I'm allergic to cherry blossoms, oak pollen, and everything else that seems to be blooming in DC this time of year, it was great to be back in the city. I got to see almost everyone I wanted to see, accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish, and eat at some of my favorite restaurants! I spent Friday evening eating at a great little Italian place downtown with three of my best friends, and then wandering up and down the cobblestone streets along the Potomac, chatting and catching up with them. We laughed, people watched, and generally had a great time. If I'd had my camera with me, I would have taken about a billion pictures of the guy in the yellow-patent-leather sneakers to show ya'll, but sadly you'll just have to take my word for how completely awful they were...I think yellow-patent-leather sneakers can kind of speak for itself, yes?

Saturday was spa day (sigh...lovely!), and of course a trip to our favorite Indian restaurant. I've said it before and I'll say it again...Ft. Lauderdale has no good Indian food! Sunday was relaxing and shopping...dropping way too much money at White House Black Market, as per usual! Monday was more work, and then a late night flight home...which ended with me on my hands and knees searching for my cell phone, which had mysteriously slid out of my purse and back six rows. And I'll tell you, there's nothing quite as attractive as a girl trying to squeeze onto the floor of the economy class cabin and peer beneath the seats at 11:00 at night. I found it though, so props to me for that one (thank God).

In other news, apparently blogging can lead to awards! Who knew? Pam, a new friend over at Pam's Perspective just gave me two awards, The Lemonade Award which is for showing a great attitude/gratitude. See Mom, I told you that sarcasm would get me somewhere someday!

And because she's incredibly generous, she also game me the Kreativ Blogger Award, for, well, being creative!

Now part of the deal with these awards is that you've got to pay it forward. You're supposed to 1) Put the logo on your blog (check!), nominate other blogs that show great attitude and/or gratitude, 2) Link to your nominees within your post (we'll get to that in a minute), 3) Let them know they've received the awards by commenting on their blog, and 4) Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award (check again, thanks Pam!) For the Kreativ Blogger Award you're supposed to do all of that and make a list of 7 things that you love, so here we go:

1. My friends, who give me reason to have a million different homes.
2. My family, who gave me the first and best home, and a reason to always come back to it.
3. Reading (I did just have to buy a new bookshelf, that should tell you something!)
4. Technology, which allows me to keep in touch with the aforementioned amazing friends and family!
5. Jelly Belly jelly beans (someone's been bringing them into the office recently...so dangerous!)
6. My job.
7. Pentwater, my favorite place on earth, and where the title of this blog comes from!

Well that was kind of fun! It was hard to narrow it down to just seven, which makes me a pretty darn lucky girl I guess (look Ma, no sarcasm!). And to pass on the love, here are the fellow blogger's I'm passing these awards onto!

1. Mel at What Today Looks Like, who's probably my most creative friend!
2. Angie at A Book A Day. It's hard to get more creative than reading a book a day, every day, for a whole year! She's amazing!
3. Al my favorite Daydream Believer. Somehow we manage to be at the same places in our lives and she can always talk me through the rough patches.
4. Beatriz from Amazing Grace. She's got a great attitude and makes me smile every time I see her! She's also a very creative crafty lady!

Technically you're supposed to give the awards to more people than this, but since I have a limited number of "blogging friends," I'm doing what I can! (This is a not so thinly veiled hint to all my other real-world friends and lurkers to get out there and start blogs of your own! It's fun, and you get pretty pretty awards, see?? See??)

So thanks again to Pam for the spiffy new awards, I love 'em! :)

23 April, 2009

Seattle (and why I suck at updating...)!!

Okay, if I'd expected the complete and total craziness that is my life to abate just because I went on vacation with my friends, I was wrong. So sorry for not updating lately, but here's a quick rundown on Seattle.

First, it was amazing. The city is beautiful, we totally lucked out with the weather, and a great time was had by all. Thanks very much to B for inviting me to be his date for this shindig, P&J's wedding was a lot of fun!

R&J and I arrived on Thursday morning (After all having gotten up at 3am to make our respective 6am flights! Talk about dedication!), and were greeted in the terminal by a smiling B, who proceeded to take us on a tour of the city, which is beautiful. We spent the day driving around, hanging out at the mall and then checking into the hotel where everyone else went to work out, and I took a nap. Yup, I'm lazy. And I didn't have room to bring work out clothes, but mostly....lazy. We had dinner and met up with P at a great little Irish pub across from the hotel and proceeded to have a dinner conversation where the merits of rugby, polo, curling and hurling were all discussed. I love being with friends that you can be completely random with, without fear of them thinking you're strange!

Friday morning was a day of free food! We started out at the Theo Chocolate Factory, which has free samples of EVERYTHING they make...it was incredible, and we spent quite a bit of quality time there! Check us out...don't we look happy?

Ah free chocolate, is there anything better?? The trip to the chocolate factory was followed by a $1 tour of the Redhook Brewery, which gave us free glasses of their most popular beers. And after that, since naturally we hadn't had enough free stuff, we trotted across the street to the Chateau San Michelle Winery for a free tour and free wine! All in a day's work for our thrifty foursome! Of course our day wasn't quite over yet! Yes, that's right, it was time to take a tour of Seattle's famous Underground.

It's supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the US (don't we look scared?)...apparently while R and I are scared of the ghosts, B just finds them amusing...or he finds us amusing, I'm not sure which is more valid... It was an interesting tour, and we learned a lot. Specifically, not to build a city on mud flats. Much like I learned in DC that building our nation's capitol in the middle of a giant swamp was perhaps a bad idea.

Saturday was the wedding, so B was occupied with his Best Man duties, so R&J and I took off to explore downtown Seattle. We went to Pike Place Market and saw the guys tossing fish around. Apparently while we were at Butler, P, B and J (Wow, I didn't even intend to do that, but it's kind of awesome that three best friends' initials combine to create my favorite childhood snack! Apparently you guys were fated to be friends!) all had the Fish Philosophy (I'm sorry, the FISH! Philosophy) beaten into them in their leadership training (According to the website, the FISH! Philosophy is a set of simple, practical tools to help you create the work culture you’ve been looking for. It’s a way to build stronger relationships that equip you to face your challenges more effectively.), so obviously we had to go to Pike Place. I was really just entertained by the flying fish.

After wandering the streets of Seattle, running into the bride dancing in the middle of the intersection surrounded by 100 photographers (none of whom could explain what they were doing there), and asking every two blocks "Is that the first Starbucks? Is that? Is that?" we decided to give into our collective dorky tendencies (really more mine and R's) and visit the Seattle Library. It was an amazingly cool 7 story glass building with one minor flaw. The bathrooms are all on even numbered floors. The escalators (for reasons known only to the architect) go only to odd numbered floors. After waiting 10 minutes for the world's slowest elevators, we finally made it to the bathrooms, only to find that apparently when it came to designing the bathrooms, they'd thought they were designing for 3rd graders, since the doors only come up slightly higher than your waist. R was complaining about this fact: "You know these stall doors make me a little uncomfortable! I mean they're so short, you'd just have to glance over to your side and you could see someone going to the bathroom! Oh, hi, sorry..." Yup, that's right...to illustrate her point she'd glanced over to her side, thinking we were alone in the bathroom. Oops!! And we'll be leaving now.... We retreated to the hallway where we burst into hysterics in front of a very confused J, and proceeded to frantically press the elevator call button in hopes that it would arrive before R's friend came out of the bathroom (we succeeded...barely).

After the great library debacle, we made our way back to Seattle public transportation (fabulous by the way!), and headed into Chinatown for some Bubble Tea (tea with tapioca). J loves the stuff, but I have a sneaking suspicion that at least part of the love comes from the fact that he can use the leftover tapioca to shoot off the roof of hotel buildings. But I'm just guessing on that one.

And of course, this brings us to the purpose of the weekend...P&J's wedding! It was a traditional Chinese ceremony, complete with Cantonese translation for some of the out of town family members. It was beautiful, and both the bride and groom looked so happy, it was great to see. B performed his best man duties admirably, didn't forget the rings or anything! :) The wedding reception was where the real fun actually started though...it started with a 10 course meal (yup, I said started) and in lieu of dancing, they played wedding games! First the groom was blindfolded while the bride's friends placed clothespins all over her, and the groom had 30 seconds to find and remove them all, while blindfolded! Obviously hilarity ensued. Then it was the bride's turn...she was blindfolded while the MC obtained 5 male volunteers from amongst the wedding party and guests. Then the men (including the bride's younger brother) had to line up with their backs to her, and she had to feel their butts in order to determine which one was her new husband! R and I were frantically whispering to each other "Please don't pick #2, please don't pick #2!" Because I think most of you will agree with us that the only thing more disturbing than having to feel your brother's butt would be mistaking it for your husband's! Shudder...

Of course after the reception was the POST RECEPTION (are you tired yet? I was!), where we all went back to P&J's house to relax, have some tea, see pictures, and watch the relatives play WiiSports and WiiFit (and I rejoice in the knowledge that the WiiFit balance games aren't just hard for me!). It was a wonderful way to end a wonderful evening.

The next day we all boarded planes and headed back to our real lives. It was a crazy weekend, and it seemed like we fit a whole week's worth of activities into just four days, so thanks to B, R&J for a good time. It was great to catch up again, and spend time with Butler people...I miss the Midwest!!! All in all it was an amazing break, but I still don't feel like I'm back on East Coast time! Apparently I'm a time zone wimp...Luckily that's not a problem I have to deal with as I head back to DC tomorrow to see the gang for another fun-filled long weekend in our nation's capitol. Can't wait to get home! :)

***Full credit to R for the great pictures! Apparently I not only suck at updating, but also at remembering to use my camera!***

15 April, 2009

The Today Show

So I've been meaning to post this for awhile (again, must make a list), but I always forget about it until it's 7am and I'm watching the Today Show, and at that point I'm running late getting ready for work, and there's no time. So here we go, I'm posting at 10:20, when I should really be going to bed since my flight to Seattle leaves at 0 dark 30 tomorrow morning, but I'll try to make it quick.

So you've gotta kind of feel sorry for Al Roker. He's a good guy; funny, smart, good with the weather. He walks into the eyes of hurricanes on a regular basis, so clearly he's no shrinking violet. He does that great FOOTBALL NIGHT IN AMERICA voice during football season. Al Roker's Book Club for Kids is pretty awesome. He's a great guy!

So why, WHY for goodness sake, when Meredith or Matt or Ann are done with their stories about little girls who have been kidnapped or raped or murdered, or a grandmother in Arkansas who was killed when a burglar broke into her home on Christmas morning, or a puppy killing rampage in North Dakota, do they always have to cut to poor Al with the weather? I get what they're trying to do. They don't want to cut from one of those horrible, awful, tragic stories, to footage of a guy proposing to his girlfriend on a Zamboni, or the latest in celebrity gossip, or Twilight mania spreading to Europe and Asia.

I totally get that, but you'd think just once, they could cut to...I don't know...a story on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? U.S. Foreign Policy? The Economic Crisis? Something serious, no joking matter, that won't make anyone think they're taking the previous tragic report lightly? Do they always have to go to poor Al? Can't they cut him a break every once in awhile...maybe cut to him after a story about how someone rescued a liter of kittens from a tree, or that the Beatles have finally relented and are releasing their music on iTunes, or that altruism and charitable giving are up 94% this year, despite the flagging economy?

I'm just saying, take a look at the man....doesn't Al deserve a break?

He's Al Roker for goodness sake!!

14 April, 2009


I'm trying to update the layout of the blog, because even though I liked the previous layout, It was too narrow, and I'm not HTML-savvy enough to fix that on my own. Then I started messing with other templates, and some of them don't have the easy-quick edit Blogger bar up at the top, and I kind of require that, so the search is on. For now, I'm going with one of the standard Blogger templates. If anyone has any suggestions for good places to get Blogger templates, I'm all ears!

Easter Recap and Tuesday Randomness

I'm going to start out by saying that I'm feeling really scattered today, and that I should probably start making lists of things that I want to blog about, because I keep forgetting them. So this blog post is going to kind of jump all over the place, but it's the only way I can write it right now. Bear with me, and I promise that it'll get better soon! :)


Easter weekend was great. I went to church, had Easter Brunch at K&C's place (and got to visit their puppy!), then went to Easter dinner with C, her dad, and his girlfriend at this AMAZING Greek restaurant down by the beach. Oh, and may have caused a minor family feud. More on that later.

Church was wonderful. I've finally found a Catholic church that I like in S. Florida. It's small but beautiful, the people are friendly, the music is great, and the priest is Irish...what more can you ask for?? At Easter mass, I was sitting right behind a family with two young boys. The boys were pretty well-behaved for about the first 45 minutes of mass, and looking very sharp in their polo shirts, khakis, and penny-loafers (there's something about when parents dress their kids like adults that just makes me giggle) but when everyone was going up to communion, the youngest son, who couldn't have been more than 3 years old), stood up on the kneeler in the pew, tossed his arms up in the air, and shouted at the top of his lungs "SCOOBY-DOOBY DOO!!!" It came out of nowhere, and the whole congregation started laughing. I didn't even know that show was on the air anymore, but clearly this kid has seen it...good taste little man! His mother was horrified, and quickly shushed him, but for the rest of mass, he was whispering "scooby-dooby doo" under his breath periodically. It was kind of adorable!

Sooo, the family feud. A little background: On my mom's side of the family, I have an aunt and uncle (MC&J) who live in Boca, and an aunt (D) who lives in Orlando. My grandparents live in Tampa, and I have two cousins who change locations too regularly (currently one is in Africa and one is here in S. Florida) to keep track of. So, on Saturday, Aunt D calls me to find out what I'm doing for Easter. I tell her everything I listed above. She asks when I'm going over to MC&J's. My response: ummm...I'm not. I haven't talked to them in a couple weeks, and they didn't invite me. Her response: "WHAT??? Oh my God! Oh my God! You can't be alone on Easter! Get in your car right now and drive up to Orlando to be with me and your grandparents!!" Okay, Aunt D, what about the three different things I just told you I'm doing with friends on Easter Sunday makes you immediately jump to "alone?" And besides, I'm really not in the mood to hop in the car and drive for three hours. Honestly, I swear I'm not going to be sitting lonely in my apartment, staring wistfully at the four-legged stuffed duck my mother put in my Easter basket a few years ago (yes, it's a four-legged duck, no I don't know why, but I love it and put it out as part of my Easter decorations every year.), and missing my family. I'm going to be FINE, friends are the family you choose for yourself, yahadda, yahdda, yahdda. I'm FINE, I'll probably have more fun with my friends than I'd have with MC&J (not really a probably about it).

Well I thought that placated her, but apparently I was wrong. She choose to call my mother. My wonderful, amazing, thoughtful mother. My insane, sleep-deprived, massively-stressed-out ACCOUNTANT MOTHER! FOUR DAYS BEFORE APRIL 15th! Is the woman INSANE?!? So my mother, God love her, calls me, in a panic. I explained that I was really excited about my Easter plans, and tried to convince her not to do anything about this, at least until tax season is over and she's gotten more than two hours of sleep in a row (right now she's working 20+ hours a day. AT MINIMUM.). I managed to talk her out of calling Aunt MC and screaming at her for not thinking of me, for not inviting me to spend Easter with the family, for not taking care of her sister's little girl who's all alone in the big city (I wish I had an eye-rolling emoticon...). She's still pissed off (as A says, mothers are patient, at least until you mess with the cubs!), but I'm hoping that she'll forget about it after April 15th, when she's gotten the chance to sleep for 24 consecutive hours. Fingers crossed that I haven't started a family feud!!!


In other news, I went to the post office today, to send AM a belated birthday gift (really just this really amazing thing that I saw and knew that I had to make sure she owned). I drove up and was texting as I walked into the post office. Or tried to walk into the post office. The line was out the door. I was startled, but the line was moving fairly quickly, and I had to mail the thing, so I stood in line and texted with some friends and waited. After a little while, I got annoyed. I was on my lunch break, and while it wasn't a huge deal, I couldn't figure out why the post office was so ungodly busy on a random Tuesday afternoon. After all, it's not like it's Christmas or anything, right? Right C, it's just April 14th. The day before the Internal Revenue Service demands that you prove to Uncle Sam that you've given the Federal Government as much of your hard-earned money as is required by law.

Ya know, for the daughter of an accountant, I can be INCREDIBLY thick sometimes...


Going back to this morning, when I walked into the office, one of my colleagues was shouting at another "Ya know, why don't we just get rid of everybody else on the planet, it'll go a long way towards making my life a helluva lot easier!!!!" Ahh, now that's how you want to start your morning...you just know it's going to be a good day!


11 April, 2009

Not only is Jesus my co-pilot, he's also....

My insurance agent!

I was driving home from the grocery store this afternoon and saw a bumper sticker on the car in front of me: "The only car insurance I need is Jesus." And maybe it's small and petty of me (but let's be honest, I've never claimed to be above it), but I really just wanted to tap them with my car a little. Because really, I have both auto insurance AND Jesus...so who do you think's gonna win? Of course I immediately proceeded to text my friends, and got the best responses back:

A: AND you have logic! Tap them!
K: Something tells me Jesus would tell them to fake whiplash and sue you. (To which I responded: True, scripture tells us he is a vengeful God...)
S: DO IT! Then send pictures!

I later called my father (because let's face it, the man doesn't text), who laughed and said "Well pal, you know it's not one world out there!"

Ah, the gentle comedy that is life in South Florida....gotta love it! :)

And this is why I love my parents...

I got my Easter card in the mail from my parents today...

The inside reads: "...so here's your Easter Basset!"

I just love my Mom and Dad! They're crazy and silly and funny, and I wish I could be with them this weekend, but I can't wait to see them in May!! :)

09 April, 2009


I spent the bulk of today angry. I can't explain why exactly, except to say that I hate stupid people. I'm reminded of a Gilmore Girls moment from the first season that I particularly love: The phone is ringing and Michel is ignoring it. When Lorelei asks him to answer it, he responds "No. People are particularly stupid today. I can't talk to any more of them." That was basically my day in a nutshell. Every time one of my friends asked me how I was, I responded with &%$!#$!@*^$&#%$!@#. Or some version thereof.

Luckily, I did okay at not taking my wrath out on other people, and not letting the wrong people know how angry I was, and of course there were a few high points (It's not like I was wandering around with a little black cloud over my head after all.). Lunch, to name one. Lunch was good. And seeking sanctuary in B's office to read some papers and get away from the crazy people I wanted to throttle...that was good too. It's nice to have that one person in your life who is so totally chill, and has the inate ability to somehow cast that aura of calm around themselves so that it spreads to you. Sanctuary indeed. Nothing had to be said, just stepping into that space I somehow felt calmer. It was a very necessary reprieve. And as it turns out, anger? Makes C WICKED crazy productive. I got more done today that I'd imagined possible. So that's interesting.

So yeah, lunch, sanctuary and productivity. Those were pretty much the high points. I was still angry after getting in the car and driving home, and I realized that I don't have an "Angry" playlist on my iPod. So what did I do this evening? I made a playlist to listen to when I'm angry. Nickelback, The Faders, The Exies, Fall Out Boy, Jet, The Dandy Warhols, The Donnas, Garbage....hmm, it appears that most of the artists whose music I listen to while angry call themselves 'The (Something)s.' Interesting....

07 April, 2009

Technically it's still early in the week.....

Technically, Tuesday evening at 10:30 is still "early in the week," so I can still write a post about last weekend without feeling guilty, or wicked crazy far behind. So here it is...this weekend...I went to a Gilligan's Island themed party. It was my first "yachting party" and it was a ton of fun. Of course my friend C, who works in the yachting industry and invited me, accidentally forgot to tell me that it was a theme party (oops!) so I wound up going as Mary Ann, which entailed tossing my hair into pigtails, and wearing a cute beach dress (aka my bridesmaid's dress from K's wedding! See, I told you I'd wear it again!) with a lei (from K's bachelorette party, courtesy of one of the other bridesmaids...thanks A!). I figured I at least looked tropical, if not necessarily Gilligan's Island specific. :)

We joined up with a few of C's other yachting friends, including M and her husband D, both of whom I'd met before, and enjoy talking to. It was an interesting and eventful evening, full of fun costumes, free drinks, and all kinds of surprises. All in all it was good to spend time with a group of people I don't get to hang out with that much, and every girl should get to toss her hair into pigtails and get free drinks (even if the pigtails did apparently make me look young enough to get ID'd) every once in awhile! Thanks for the invite C, it really was a good time!! :)

06 April, 2009

two things...

Okay, two things, and then I'm going to bed.

Thing #1: I woke up this morning, tossed my legs over the side of the bed and stood up...only to collapse to my knees in excruciating agony as the calf muscles in both legs started to spasm and wouldn't hold my weight. When I could actually stand (albeit walking like a 90 year old woman), I made it to the shower, and the hot water started to make me feel better. Of course for the rest of the day I couldn't put my heels to the ground, so the old lady walk lasted all day long. I have no idea what's wrong with me, or how I managed to pull the muscles in both my calves, but I know that if it keeps up, I'm totally getting a massage this weekend.

Thing #2: Sometimes, there are people in our lives who manage, somehow, without knowing what they're doing, without knowing what's wrong, who somehow manage to make everything better, with only a look or a glance, or a simple, nothing conversation. And it's those people who I'm grateful to have in my day to day life.

05 April, 2009

I'm in a rut....

I don't know what started it, or how to get out of it, but I know I'm in a rut. Oh it doesn't seem like it on the outside. I'm going out with girlfriends, work friends, getting ready for my family to come in May...I'm going to parties, having dinner out and movie nights in, and going through the Year of a Dozen Weddings (now down to 10) and dancing at each one of them. I'm doing everything that I'm supposed to be doing, and my life is, by all accounts (yes, including my own), wonderful. I'm exactly where I need to be, where I WANT to be, and I'm happy. I swear...this is not one of those crying, whining, "pity me" posts. I'm honestly and truly happy.

Still, despite all of that, I can't shake the feeling that I'm in a rut. Maybe it's the recent family drama that I'm not comfortable discussing openly on the internet...suffice it to say that once again, despite being the youngest member of this particular branch of the family, I was called upon to be the responsible one, the mature one, the adult one. Its a role I usually take on without any bitterness, and one I usually laugh and joke about, but this time...this time I was terrified, and I've never felt so much like I was 12 years old again. And the only person who could really help me, who actually succeeded in making me feel better, was the only person in my life who really understands the position that I'm in...and is a person I really shouldn't be relying on as much as I do. It's just not fair of me.

So maybe its that -- But that's always been there, it's nothing new. Maybe it's the uncertainty in a couple key aspects of my life -- But there's always uncertainty. Maybe is the craziness at work -- But I usually thrive on that. Maybe it's just a phase, and I'll come out on the other end of it soon. After all, I've got a wedding in Seattle to look forward to, and a trip home to DC the following weekend, and my parents coming to visit in May. So many good things coming in the next several weeks, that will toss all the pieces up in the air a little bit. And maybe, maybe when they fall back into place, they'll fall along a smooth and grassy meadow...with a few peaks and valleys to keep things interesting, but nary a rut in sight.

Hey, a girl can dream. And the cherry blossoms are in bloom back in DC, so that's a beautiful thought for a Sunday evening.

01 April, 2009

Buckingham Palace

On the news this morning they're all talking about how President Obama is meeting the Queen today, and every time they say the words "Buckingham Palace," I can't help but repeat the A.A. Milne poem to myself.

"They're changing the guard at Buckingham Palace--
Christopher Robin went down with Alice.
Alice is marrying one of the guard.
'A soldier's life is terribly hard,'
Says Alice."

My mother used to read me poems from "When We Were Very Young" every night before I went to bed, and something about those poems always makes me happy.

Randomness From the Store.....

.....Or How C Finally Realized How to Get Pictures From Her Phone to the Computer....

For those of you not the recipients of my totally random text and picture messages, here's a quick (and yes, somewhat blurry) snapshot of the sorts of things I find highly amusing in stores.

I'm still thinking of going back to Target to buy this one...

Why ON EARTH is this gem of a book 50% off? I can't imagine, but I'm thinking I smell another recommendation for my good friend Angie over at A Book a Day!! What'dya think Ang? :)

Ah, the wackiness that is my mind...aren't you glad I posted after midnight? You see what happens when C stays up too late playing with her shiny new LG Dare? You see???