29 June, 2009

I'm in Pentwater!

Sorry to have been MIA for awhile, but I'm on vacation!!!

I was home in Ohio with the family for a friend's wedding last weekend, and got a huge surprise when an old childhood friend was there! It was great to catch up again, and the wedding was loads of fun. Now I'm up at the cottage, and won't be worrying much about blogging until at least next week, but I'll have some great stories to tell when I get back. Hope everyone's having a good Monday!

21 June, 2009

Things I've Never Actually Taken the Time to Think About...

I was watching back episodes of The Daily Show, and Jon Stewart was mocking House Minority Leader John Boehner for saying that the Post Office was inefficient.

"Why are you picking on the Post Office? For 44 cents, someone comes to your house, picks up some piece of crap you wrote, and takes it to Wyoming on a plane!"

You know, he's not wrong. I mean think about it...for all that we (and by 'we' of course I mean me and the real me) complain every time the Post Office hikes up the price of stamps, it's still probably about as much bang for your buck as you'll get anywhere in the U.S. And now that they have the Forever Stamp, it's even better!

Seriously, 44¢? I've never actually thought of it in those terms before, but that's cheap! Gotta love the US Postal Service (and their automated machines that mean I don't actually have to stand in line except for when I'm too stupid to remember that I shouldn't go to the post office on April 14th.).

20 June, 2009

Help! Book Suggestions Needed...

Okay, I'm reaching out to all my blogging friends because it's T-minus six days and counting before I leave Florida to head up to my cottage in Michigan, and I need beach book suggestions!! Nothing too heavy, but something with a good story that I can get lost in for hours at a time on the beautiful sandy beach, or in the woodsy cottage.

I usually go through at least 4/5 books in a week-long visit up north, so I'm visiting Amazon.com and the library this week.


TV Theme Songs...

Okay, I swear I'm done after this. Angie, check out the 0:37 and the 2:17 mark...

Who doesn't love Josh Groban singing the Golden Girls and Brady Bunch theme songs?

Eye of the Tiger

And then there's this...I mean absolutely no way I was this cool!

19 June, 2009

Don't Stop Believin'

Okay, I just have to say, there's no way that I was this cool as a kid in choir...

18 June, 2009

Pentwater Music Video

My mom sent me this link to a music video that triptheshutter put together about Pentwater, and it just made me grin...everything from sunsets to band concerts to local color...it's perfect, and very well done! :)

17 June, 2009

To Do List....

I have to clean my apartment this weekend. Badly. I also need to go grocery shopping. And regular shopping. And go to Sam's Club. And did I mention clean my apartment? And this is officially my only free weekend in June.

But on the plus side, in July, I get to go to Pentwater with S and A!! So when I get depressed and overwhelmed, and massively stressed out, all I need to do is think of this:

And possibly this:

And a little bit of this:

Afterall, it's a town with no grocery store, but THREE ice cream parlors! That whole 'healthy eating' thing is pretty much going out the window. I'm nothing if not a realist...

T-minus 11 days and counting!!!!

16 June, 2009

Old Movies!

Well after realizing last week that I don't own two of my favorite movies of all time, and after realizing that Amazon.com sells them all for under $10, I got a lovely little delivery today!

So this weekend is going to be old movie weekend, featuring:

My favorite movie of all time, The Philadelphia Story:

A close second, His Girl Friday:

Arsenic and Old Lace:

And last but not least, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House:

Hmm...I'm noticing (just now, I'm that observant) that these are all Cary Grant movies...quite the common denominator! Now I'm stuck wondering if I like these movies just because I like them, or if I like them because of the remarkable Mr. Grant. A thought to ponder as I indulge myself this weekend. It's going to be fun!!

15 June, 2009

Airplane Randomness

So on the plane coming back from DC last night, I had the oddest experience. Now normally I can't sleep on planes, but I'd gotten up at 3am on Friday to go to DC, and had been busy with work and friends all weekend long (wonderfully, amazingly busy, but busy nonetheless), so I was exhausted, and fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the seat-back. I had the window seat, there was a scruffy but kinda cute guy in the seat next to me, and an older woman on the aisle. None of us actually talked to one another, which is quite frankly how I like things on an airplane, so I switch my iPod to my "Sleep" playlist, and I was out.

I woke up maybe half and hour later, not sure what had woken me, but surprised to find that scruffy boy and I had somehow fallen asleep with our heads just inches from each other...oops! That would have been embarrassing if he'd woken up first! So as I'm starting to turn over to try to go back to sleep, I realize that the woman on the aisle has her camera out, and is leaning over, trying to take a picture of us. While we're sleeping. Can you say creepy?

So naturally I recoiled, which woke scruffy guy up, and we both asked her what the hell she thought she was doing. Apparently she thought we were a couple (who apparently never look at, or acknowledge each other in any way), and that we looked cute while we were sleeping, so she'd decided to take a picture of us and ask us for our e-mail address later, so she could send it on. Luckily, we were both equally horrified by this, and also luckily, she couldn't get her camera to work, so we were spared that particular awkwardness of having a total stranger with a picture of us together, but still. Creepy. The rest of the flight was decidedly uncomfortable, and I was left wondering: What is wrong with some people that they think just because they're on a plane with you, that gives them the right to become a part of your lives? Who are these people?

10 June, 2009


A sign posted in my building's elevator says that they're going to be doing a test of the "Emergency Fire Generating System" tomorrow, and they apologize for any inconvenience to residents during the testing process.

Ummm, yeah! Why do you need an Emergency Fire GENERATING System? In case what, we're taken over by vampires or zombies? Or our building is infected by the Black Plague?

I'm a little disturbed.

What a day!

Well it started off badly...I woke up feeling sick, so I ate some saltines, drank some ginger ale, and went back to bed. When I woke up feeling better, I decided to eat something a little more substantial and see if I continued to feel okay...so what did I do while I was waiting? What any normal girl would do of course! I organized the closet in my guest room! Then when I went into work this afternoon, I dropped a HUGE load of stuff off at Goodwill on the way.

Work. Yeah. Work was crazy. I'm getting ready for the trip up to DC this weekend (YAY!!!!!), so things are bonkers, but I'm proud of myself. Today I exercised what can only be termed as admirable self-restraint when I did NOT give voice to thought and tell the people who were annoying me: "Wow, lazy AND incompetent? Your mother must be so proud!"

Then this evening it was time for dinner out with the girls, C and M (and later M's hubby, who was kind enough to be our photographer!), for dinner at a fun new restaurant that offers fried green tomatoes as a house specialty! They were amazing, and now I think I'm going to have to go back and read the Fannie Flagg book again! And maybe watch the movie.

Have I mentioned I can't wait to go to DC this weekend?


09 June, 2009

There are no words...

I heard about this through the grapevine, but didn't believe it until I saw it for myself...Zack Attack is back!!!

08 June, 2009

Birthday Party!

Well, first and foremost, a very Happy Birthday to my favorite other CW out there! It's her birthday today, and we spent the evening at two of Ft. Lauderdale's finest establishments, Le Tub and Jackson's Ice Cream Parlor. It was AMAZING.

First we started off at Le Tub, which has (according to Oprah) the number one hamburger in the world...I can testify that it was pretty amazing (though as I was reminded this weekend, nobody makes hamburgers quite as good as my Dad!). The place is hysterical, full of old bathtubs and toilets turned into planters...very eclectic!

T and I had to pose by the toilets! :)

Then, even though we were all STUFFED, the birthday girl insisted that we soldier on to Jackson's, home of what has to be a contender for the world's largest portions...C and A shared a "small" root beer float...you be the judge:

They dug into it with gusto though, and did a pretty good job of it!

All in all, a very fun, if not exactly "healthy" evening...well worth it though!

Happy Birthday C! :-)

07 June, 2009


Just got back from Toledo, and of course it was too short...but I packed a helluva lot into 2+ days! Arrived Friday night and had dinner with the parents, spent some quality time with the puppy (who gets to come up to 5H2O full time this summer for the first time...yay!).

Saturday was more quality time with the parents, then heading over to K's parent's house, to hang out with my 2nd family and get ready for her Toledo wedding reception, which was all kinds of fun. Got to see some old HS friends, plus spend some time with the pseudo-brothers, and then of course, see K&M start a duel with the cake cutting knives.

Clearly the highlight of the evening, right? :)

Today was all about family. Mom, Dad and I had the cousin's over to the house for brunch, and once the kids arrived, all bets were off...we tossed a football around in the yard, played with the dogs (ours and the neighbor dogs), talked about boys and school and everything else under the sun until it was time for them to leave (the girls have finals this week, so my visit was merely a quick break from the marathon study-session. We were all exhausted by the time they left, but it was well worth it to spend time with the kids...I miss them when I'm gone!

So I just got home, and it's time to crash, but not before I ask one simple question. Does anyone know how, in the name of all that is good and holy, I now have a subscription to Teen Vogue? Seriously, I neither requested nor paid for this, and yet somehow, magazines with Disney Channel stars on the front cover have started showing up at my door. This is unacceptable!

02 June, 2009

Mortality is overrated.


It's been quite the evening.

My father called tonight to tell me he has skin cancer. The doctors say it's incredibly treatable, they caught it early, and they're going to be able to get rid of all of it.

This is NOT a problem.

So I did all the right things. I said all the right things. I asked all the right questions, and I had all the right reactions. I did not freak out, I did not cry, and I did not overreact.

Except it is a problem. And as soon as I hung up the phone, I realized that. It is a problem. It's my dad. I love my dad. I'm a total Daddy's girl.

My silly, funny, crazy father...is going to be FINE. But the idea that he might not be...that thought entering my brain, even for half a second...it shook me to the core. I had a nice little panic attack. That first moment when you not just realize, but actually accept that your parents are mortal? Let me tell you, not fun. I don't like it. I'd like to go back please.

So I did what any normal, American girl would do....I called my best friends. And God, when my friends step up, they step up. Each of them did exactly what I needed them to do in that moment. K was amazing...she was totally there for me, forced me to breath through the panic, and be rational again. And then J got my text message. One of my very few only child friends, so of course, knew EXACTLY what to say. And since J's every bit as snarky and sarcastic as I am, was rude and ornery with me for an hour on the phone until I was back to my old self again. Thank God for my friends, without whom I would be adrift.

And Thank God for my family.

My wonderful, amazing family. Whom I love, and who will be with me always. (Hey, mortality's overrated.)

01 June, 2009

Okay, two things....

First: I just made one of my grandmother's old recipes, which actually, literally, calls for an ice pick. Now granted, it turns out you can actually use anything to make the holes in the lemon bread, but I just enjoy the fact that the actual recipe calls for an ice pick. I will be using the handle of a wooden spoon.

Second: While at the grocery store shopping for the ingredients for my lemon bread (they didn't have an ice pick, FYI), I discovered that there was a group of young men wandering around the store barefoot, wearing mesh sleeveless tops. The first one I saw I just sort of chalked up to crazy South Floridians. The second one, I just thought "Ew, how unsanitary" and kept going. But by the third, fourth and fifth? I was so ready to get out of there. Now I know it's a grocery store, and most everything is prepackaged, and I know none of these guys are going to be touching food with their feet, but still...Ew. I had to call my friend A (Angie's sister from over at A Book A Day), whose parents own a grocery story to check and see if this was a regular occurrence...I left her a voicemail, and will report back on what she has to say later (or perhaps she'll deem this entry worthy of a comment!).

That's all for now folks...time to work out before the lemon bread's done!

What the....

Watching the news as I'm getting ready this morning and wondering....how the hell can you loose something the size of an Airbus A330? In this day and age, with the technology we have at our disposal, how do we loose an airplane with 230 people on board?

I get that we don't have a lot in the way of radar over vast, empty stretches of the ocean, but still...how is it possible to just loose an airplane? It boggles the mind...

I want to say that I hope that they find it, and the passengers intact, but based on everything I'm hearing and reading, that doesn't sound very likely...the friends and relatives of the passengers on that flight must be out of their minds with worry. I hope they find out what happened.