28 July, 2009


Pam gave me an award for commenting on her blog!

Which hardly seems fair, as I love visiting her blog on a regular basis to get book recommendations and general entertainment, but I'll take it anyway! Thanks Pam!

The text of the You Don't Say Award is: The You Don't Say Award "... is for beautiful people who practice blogging etiquette by visiting or visiting back, and leaving comments. Their observations are apt and helpful and it's a pleasure to have them comment on your posts..."

I think this is a pretty cool award, as comments, to a blogger, are things that always serve to make you smile (and remind you, in your most narcissistic times) that you're not ONLY doing this to make yourself happy (though naturally, that is the primary goal, right?).

As for paying it forward....well Pam has obviously received it herself, but she gets it doubly in my book, because she's been so great about commenting here in my little world. And of course so many of my regular commenters don't have blogs of their own (but I love you all for commenting anyhow!!), but I want to send A, and S a big shout out and thank them for all their comments.

So I want to pass this award onto my most frequent commenters:

M over at What Today Looks Like
Angie at A Book A Day

Thanks for being there ladies, I appreciate it! :)

27 July, 2009

Can you say classy?

Because this bus stop advertisement just SCREAMS capital 'C' Classy!!

And in addition to totally nailing (pun intended) the "not a shady front for prostitution" theme that they were going for (who gets a massage at 1am?), they're also incredibly PC!

Did I cover the phone number and address of this classy establishment? Bet your ass! You think I want crazy creepy people visiting this place after coming to my blog? Shudder.....

26 July, 2009

When did being nice stop being the norm?

I was at the grocery store this evening (getting the fixings for my own creation, Honey Chili Chicken...YUM!), and for whatever reason, was in a particularly good mood, so when the woman in line in front of me started getting rid of items she had in her cart b/c she realized she didn't have enough cash with her, I didn't even get annoyed, I just read the headlines of Soap Opera Digest and wondered how soaps get away with aging kids 5 years in a period of three months. Go into a coma age 12, wake up three months later 17! That's soap opera magic for you!

And then when she finally had eliminated everything she didn't absolutely need, and realized she was still 75 cents over, I didn't role my eyes or sigh or do anything remotely snarky. I just offered her 75 cents from my coin purse.

At which point it felt like the entirety of the population of Publix, employees and customers alike, turned to stare at me as though I had somehow sprouted a second head.

The woman stared at the pro-offered quarters like she'd never seen George Washington's head on a piece of metal before. The cashier's jaw dropped to the floor like Wile E. Coyote after the Roadrunner managed to foil another of his dastardly Acme-sponsored schemes. The man in line behind me muttered "Wow!" in amazement under his breath. And I just furrowed my brow at them all, wondering when on earth simple common courtesy stopped being the norm, and started being a cause for wonder and astonishment.

The woman took the quarters, thanked me profusely, and left. The cashier kept telling me what a good person I was throughout the entirety of my transaction, and the man behind me told his children that they should learn a lesson from me.

And I think I must have turned about 47 different shades of red. Because seriously? It was 75 cents. I can spare 75 cents with a fair amount of ease. And really, if for some reason I didn't have enough cash with me, or a credit card, I'd like to think that someone would do the same thing for me. And I don't think that's too much to ask. I don't even think it's that "Good Samaritan" of a deed. And honestly, it was no small amount selfish on my part, because the woman was talking about running out to her car to check and see if she could find 75 cents under her floor mats. So that would have taken forever, and then I probably WOULD have gotten annoyed, and you'd be getting a whole other kind of post about tonight's events. So really, I was helping myself out as much as I was helping her. So why did these people think it was such a big deal?

I mean honestly, can someone please tell me when common courtesy stopped being common?

20 July, 2009

Warning: Rant on South Florida Drivers Ahead

You know what I always love to see? I love to see drivers not paying attention. And I don't mean talking on a cell phone (I think most of us have been guilty of that from time to time) or singing along to the radio. I mean seriously not paying attention. I mean driving while operating a View-Master. Don't remember the View-Master? See below.

That's right, you remember these bad boys from your childhood, don't you? Do you also happen to remember that they're not see-through? That even when you don't have one of the disc thingies in them, all you can see when you look through the eye-holes is blackness? So clearly this is a toy to use while operating an SUV that weighs more than a few thousand pounds. Someone flunked out of McGruff's Safety School! So imagine my joy and elation when I glanced in my rear-view mirror this evening and spotted Jo-Jo the Idiot Faced Boy laughing and joking with his wife and kids while playing with the View-Master (Seriously, you procreated? Who thought that was a good idea? Maybe he's just the step-father...or the chauffeur?). I love Florida drivers...

16 July, 2009

Well this is new....

Driving home from getting my hair cut this evening traffic was backed up a ridiculous amount, and I was super annoyed. Until I got closer and figured out why.

A water main must have busted under the road, which had caused the concrete to (what's the reverse of buckle?) expand outward until it cracked, and a geyser of water was shooting up through the road. I'll fully admit that I totally rubber-necked that thing. Sadly, not long enough to take a picture, because that would have been excessive, but I just couldn't be pissed after that, because come on, there's a geyser of water in the middle of one of Ft. Lauderdale's main thoroughfares! If you can't find the funny and amazement in that, then you're just not trying! And you've gotta pity the poor wet policemen directing traffic while being drenched by the geyser in 100 degree heat. I'm sure it'd be novel at first (and refreshing), but after awhile, you're just wet and uncomfortable. Thanks FLPD!

13 July, 2009

Crazy Person Block?

You've heard of writer's block, right? Well I've got Crazy Person Block.

Nothing capital 'C' Crazy has happened to me in the last couple weeks, hence the lack of posting. This blog is really a place for me to vent about all the insanity that usually graces my life (as one of my favorite people is fond of telling me, "God C, it's like you're flypaper for freaks!"), and try to keep myself sane.

But lately? Not so much with the Crazy. Maybe that's the residual Pentwater effect, but I feel like I've been breathing a bit easier since I got back. Whatever it is, I'll take it, I tell you that much! So for now, I'll be over here, knocking on wood that my luck holds!

(And I'll try to find something entertaining to post about!)

Oh, and PS, HUGE congrats go out to my friend K, who popped the question to his now fiancée E not too long ago. They're a great pair, and I'm over the moon for them both!

12 July, 2009

New Profile Pic

My friends E and H took this picture up at the cottage, and I love it so much I had to steal it...thanks ladies! :)

08 July, 2009

Nope, not dead!

Just relaxing on vacation! The trip was amazing...good friends, good family, good times!

I started by flying home to Ohio for my childhood friend (and brother of one of my best friends!) M's wedding. The wedding was beautiful, and though I can hardly believe that S's little brother (who we used to make play dress-up with us) is married, he looked so happy that I'll just have to forgive him for making me feel old. :) And I'll also forgive him because after the father/bride dance, they opened up the dance floor to ALL fathers and daughters in attendance, and Mom got this great snap of me and Dad:

Then, bright and early the next morning, it was on to the cottage!

Pentwater, my single favorite place on Earth...a town with a population of under 1,000, where everyone knows everyone else (and their business, naturally) and where there's never anything more important than sitting on the deck with a puppy.

Did I mention the puppy? It was great to get to have my parents dog (for some reason she's my dog when she's bad) up at the cottage the whole time, which never happened when my grandparents were spending summers up there.

Weather wasn't all that nice at the beginning of the week, so there was lots of relaxing in the front room with some good books (I'll do a whole separate post on the books I read while on vacation, as it was kind of crazy!), playing board games, and shopping. S and A arrived on Wednesday/Thursday, and we did it up right...the Pentwater Thursday Night Band Concert, shopping, and plenty of beach time!

Even if it did feel like the water was going to chill us to the bone!

That's right, we went in! Well, A and I did...S had to stay back to safeguard the camera and all our sunglasses (way to take one for the team chica!).

We even did a bonfire with V, B&J on the 3rd for Pentwater fireworks. It was the quintessential 4th of July Holiday!

All in all, it was an amazing vacation, and one that I absolutely wish could have lasted another 10 days! Next year anyone? :)