25 August, 2009

I hate studying...

I'm studying Spanish. Estudio Español. I don't like studying Spanish. No me gusta estudiar Español. But I'm doing it anyway.

You'd think that with my love of international politics and international travel, that I'd love languages, but in fact, quite the opposite is true. I hate them. I hate studying them, and I hate learning them. I'm told I have an aptitude for them, but quite honestly, I just don't care enough to apply myself in the necessary fashion to excel. And yet, I know I need to learn Spanish. So here I am, going out, buying the books and taking the classes. And the one thing getting me through it this evening is the fact that at the end of each of the lessons is my Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Spanish book, there are "fun facts." (Hay "hechos divertidos.") And they make me smile...for example (por exemplar):

-- Nicholas Cage es el sobrino de Francis Ford Coppola. (I did not know this.)
-- A.A. Milne, el padre de Christopher Robin, es le autor de Winnie the Pooh, un libro muy popular con los chicos y las chicas.
- Pooh es un oso.
- Eeyore es un burro.
- Rabbit es un conejo.
- Roo es un canguro (su madre es Kanga).
- Tigger es un tigre.
- Piglet es un cerdo.
- Heffalump es un elefant. (Me gusta Heffalumps!!)
-- En la escula del programa Señor Rogers (en la televisión americana), hay tres estudiantes: Anna Platypus, el Príncipe Tuesday y Daniel el Tigre. La maestra es una vaca: Harriet Elizabeth Cow. La asistenta a la maestra es Dama Elaine. Dama Elaine es la sobrina del Rey Friday y la Reina Sara. Dama Elaine es la prima del Príncipe Tuesday. (I used to love Mr. Rogers! And I'd forgotten all about Lady Elaine, King Friday, Queen Sara and Prince Tuesday!)

I also get to do True/False (Verdadero o Falso) questions like:
-- Yo tengo un mono en la sala de mi casa. (Falso. I do not have a monkey in my living room.)
-- El presidente de México habla español. (Verdadero...I hope so!)
-- Tom Cruise canta y baila en MTV. (Falso. I hope...Haven't we all been traumatized by Tom Cruise enough without being subjected to his singing and dancing on MTV?)
-- Norah Jones y Dave Matthews tocan la tuba. (Well maybe, but I'm going to guess Falso.)

I also get to translate sentences like this:
-- Yo no quiero un toro en mi cosina. (Definitely not. My kitchen is messy enough without adding a bull into the mix.)
-- Tengo dos patos en mi sala. (Yikes, I hope not...ducks can be mean!)
-- Hermione tiene un gato en Hogwarts. (Yay Harry Potter references!)
-- Mi prima no tiene un tigre in el carro. (She better not! She's only 17, and a tiger in the car would be very distracting!)
-- Shrek tiene un burro. (I think Donkey would debate the possessive used there, but hey, who am I to argue with a Spanish textbook that's referencing pop culture!)

So to summarize, I've found the perfect Spanish textbook for me...it not only references random pop culture tidbits (Hay muchas fotos en el website de Perez Hilton...bet your ass he's got photos!), but also brings me back to beloved childhood books and TV shows (I miss Mr. Rogers and Winnie the Pooh!).

And would you look at that? I've also managed to write a blog entry WHILE studying my Spanish! I love technology!

¡Que sueñes con los angelitos!

Airport Bloopers

Seen at the airport last weekend: A classic example of what not to do when parking your very expensive convertible in long term parking in South Florida during Hurricane Season:

Leave the top down.

I love Floridians, I really do! I mean seriously, who does that?? And yeah, it was raining and there was about an inch of water in the cupholders. I'm pretty sure most insurance companies don't have a stupidity clause....Common sense FAIL.

23 August, 2009

Too much flying...

Just got back from a quick weekend jaunt to Columbus. And when I say quick, I mean that I flew out Saturday morning, and flew back tonight. Less than 36 hours in Ohio...that's right, I'm like a rockstar! K&E's engagement party was way too much fun (puppy Osgood is too cute!!), and Brunch with M&R was delish! All in all, a great but EXHAUSTING weekend. Too much travel in too short a period. But the Kindle is awesome for traveling! Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

Too cute!

Lucky M gets to live here...I've always had a thing for waterlilies:

20 August, 2009


I have come to a sudden, perhaps not very startling realization:

There are no shoes that are comfortable from 5:00 in the morning to 9:00 at night.

That is all.

18 August, 2009

My Current Random Obsession of the Moment:

Is this song:

Why? No idea. The Three Dog Night version came on Pandora the other day, and I was intrigued. Then I found out that Rockapella (of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? fame) did a version, and I became obsessed. I get into phases with music where I feel that I must listen to it over and over and over again.

Of course the fact that I realized that Rockapella sings this song meant that I had to find the old Folgers Coffee commercial that they did, and listen to that 10 or 15 times as well.

Oh random obsessions, what would I do without you?

Hmm...be productive? Yeah, probably not.

16 August, 2009

Coming to you live from a S. Florida Internet Cafe...

To borrow a bit from my friends A and Angie, it's day five of me being without my internet - rations are low, and despair is setting in.

I'm typing this to you via an internet terminal where I've come to check my e-mail, because apparently I'm so addicted to the internet that I can't possibly manage to spend an entire weekend without it.

In other news, I got the Kindle! Happy Birthday to me!! I love it, it's amazing...the whole being able to download the first few chapters of a book for free before buying it thing is perfect for me, because there are so many books that I've purchased only to find out after the first few chapters that I have absolutely no interest in. Right now I've downloaded The Magicians, Everyone She Loved, Commencement and Admission. I'm loving the fact that newly released books are available for the price of a paperback on Kindle! Now don't get me wrong, I'll keep buying actual books. I don't think I'm going to be able to resist that temptation. But I'm hoping I'll be able to save money by buying them cheaper for Kindle than in the hardcover. And I can't wait to test it out on my trip to Columbus next weekend for K&E's engagement party...for the first time I won't have to pack four or five books for a simple weekend trip, I can just pack my Kindle (with pretty, soft, purple leather cover!). We'll see how the trip goes, I'm also really looking forward to seeing M again, and meeting her boy for the first time! It's going to be a great (if quick!) weekend!

Okay, I've gotta go now, as my internet time is almost up. Here's hoping Comcast gets off their lazy butts and fixes our internet soon!!

13 August, 2009


My friend M posted on Facebook that her husband can sing along to all different old school theme songs to TV Shows....WKRP in Cincinnati, Perfect Strangers, Silver Spoons, Growing Pains, etc. Which I think is amazing!!!

So now that I've got all those theme songs running through my head, I decided to go back to Hulu and see if they had any of these to refresh my memory....


Baby, if you've ever wondered, wondered whatever became of me...I'm living on the air in Cincinnati, Cincinnati WKRP!!

11 August, 2009

Well isn't this an interesting development...

It appears that Comcast reads my blog. Or at least Googles my blog. Which, considering I have exactly 10 followers, seems like a little bit of a waste of time. I mean don't get me wrong, I appreciate the well-wishes, it's just a little...disconcerting. But my internet's back, so if Mark from Comcast had anything to do with that, then I'll shut up and be grateful (you know what they say about gift horses and all...).

Continuing with the theme that good things happen on C's birthday....MY FRIEND J GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!! To a completely awesome guy who couldn't possibly be any more perfect for her, so I'm over the moon for the both of them!

And my office got me a cake today (yellow with chocolate icing!), and I had a great dinner out, and now I'm chilling at home, opening presents and contemplating ordering the Kindle. Which I want. Badly. Now some people are saying that I should wait until they iron out this whole 'deleting e-books' thing, which totally makes sense, but I'm an impatient little girl, and I'm not sure I can hold out indefinitely. We'll see how the evening progresses.

Thanks for all the well-wishes everyone, I really appreciate it!!! And congrats again to J&J!!! :)

10 August, 2009

I hate Comcast

There appears to be something wrong with my internet. I intended to log on yesterday and talk about the wedding I went to over the weekend. My struggle to find the right dress and shoes (thanks to all who contributed to the decision, I got loads of compliments), and the complete and utter insanity that can only be involved in the decision to have an outdoor wedding in a city built on a swamp in the middle of August. Hot? Yes, I'd say so.

But instead, I arrived home to non-functional internet. And it hasn't gotten better. Well, according to Comcast it has. According to Comcast, the fact that I can access the internet for approximately 2.4 minutes at a time should be sufficient, and I should be pleased with the progress. Except I'm not. At all. In no small part because it has taken me over 24 hours to write this post, and God only knows if I'll be able to get it up on the blog at all. But that's all going to change in approximately 20 minutes, you know why?

Because in 20 minutes, it will be MY BIRTHDAY!! (Fishing for birthday wishes? Me? NEVER! Perish the thought!!)

And you know what? Nothing bad is allowed to happen on my birthday. So I choose to believe that my internet will be 100% functional when I wake up in the morning, and despite the fact that I have to go into the office on my birthday (shock, horror!) and despite the fact that my mother isn't here to make me my favorite cake (yellow with chocolate icing), I'm bound and determined to have an amazing birthday. Because damn it, I'm turning 27 years old, and if you can't have a good 27th birthday in S. Florida, then you're just not trying hard enough!

So come on internet Gods, play along!!!

05 August, 2009


I've been writing letters to my pseudo-little brother, D, who's at Army Basic Training for the next little while, and I have to say, it's fun! I'd forgotten how much I love sending and receiving mail (well, except the singing Hannah Montana card that my grandparents sent for my birthday...that was just a little strange.)! There's something about writing a letter, and then getting a response a few days later that's just more charming than e-mail. Don't get me wrong, it's wicked crazy more convenient to dash off a quick e-mail, but something about letters just makes me smile.

A's always loved letter writing (and said I should save hers from when she's President someday), but I've never really gotten into it in the same way she has. Ironically, I love stationary, but have never really gotten into letter writing until now. Maybe it's an age thing (after all, it is t-minus 6 days until my birthday!), but I'm loving writing to D, knowing that for just a few seconds, I'm taking his mind of the broiling heat and daily runs. And it's fun to get the letters in return, seeing how he's doing and knowing that he's out there doing something really important, getting ready to start a whole new chapter in his life. It's kind of cool. :)

So who else can I write to? I've got all this stationary I've bought over the years, and I need to start using it!!

04 August, 2009


Seen On The Road This Evening:

Three men in varying stages of undress, riding bicycles on the on ramp to merge onto I-95.


Is that even legal? Can you ride a bicycle on an interstate? And if it is legal, how are you not afraid that you're going to become road kill???

I maintain my stance that people in South Florida don't THINK!!!

03 August, 2009


So here's the thing. I'm guilty of it myself. I've never claimed to be perfect, I flake from time to time. But I try not to. And maybe it's the Catholic thing, but I always feel impossibly guilty about it when I do. If I forget a birthday, or don't show up somewhere when I say I'm going to, or don't get something done in the time frame I promised it, then I beat myself up about it more than the person I've flaked on does.

And sometimes, when I've had a shit day at work, or it's the weekend and I feel like doing nothing but sitting around the house catching up on my TiVo, if I have plans with family or a friend, or colleagues, 9 times out of 10 I'll drag my lazy ass out of the house and do it. Because as my parents tried to drill into their only child, it's not always all about me. Sometimes you do things you don't want to do because it'll make someone else happy.

But I've come to realize that not everyone thinks like that. Not everyone puts other people before themselves. And you can't blame them really...not always. Because we've all been there. We've all had that day where it's really all you can do to drive yourself home from the office, microwave your dinner, and collapse on the couch for the evening. So I'm not mad, I get it. I've so totally been there. I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed. And I'm trying not to be that either, I really am. It's just going to take me a little bit of time. So please understand when you call and ask me to do you a favor, the day after you've flaked on me, that I might not be as enthusiastic about it as I normally am. I'll do it, because I love you, and you matter to me. But when I'm not jumping up and down at the opportunity to help you, understand that our relationship is a two way street. And there's only so long I can go walking along in one direction without another soul in sight down the road.


And then there's the other thing that happened to me today. I realized that someone I love is going through something. They haven't told me about it, and I know they don't want to tell me about it, and I get that. Respect it even. But here's the thing. One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from a TV show (shocker!). It's from Sports Night, and you can see it here, around the 3:30 mark. And really, it says everything I want to say right now:

No matter what you decide, you've got friends. And this is what friends gear up for.

Ummm...okay...right then. Thank you?

Now here's something I never envisioned someone saying to me:

"Did you know that you smell purple today?"

And for context's sake, it was not a crazy homeless man who said this to me, it was a co-worker.

He meant it as a compliment, but tell me, how exactly was I supposed to respond to that? What's the appropriate response to someone telling you that you smell like a color? Thank you? You smell orange?

And for that matter, what does 'purple' smell like anyhow??

02 August, 2009

Another amazing day!

Well this caps it, the best weekend I've had in a long time. Started out lazing by the pool, continued running some errands, but not the annoying kind that you feel obligated to do, rather the fun ones that you always looked forward to when you were a little kid. The kind that made you say "when I'm a grown-up, I'll get to do this whenever I want!" Oh, or was that just me? Hmm... And then I got home, tried on some dresses to figure out what to wear for the wedding next weekend, and watched Night at the Museum on my brand new, swanky 'upconverting' DVD player. It makes everything look like HD, but without the obnoxious cost of Blue-Ray! And of having to upgrade my TV on DVD collection to Blue-Ray. Which will be insanely expensive if I ever have to do it someday. Shudder. Then I cooked Honey Chili Chicken for dinner, and now I'm off to bed before midnight! Hooray! :)

It's the little things in life that make me happy...

01 August, 2009

The Perfect Saturday....

It started with an early morning phone call from one of my friends asking if I wanted to go do something naughty....IHOP for breakfast anyone?? It continued with a quick workout, and then lounging at the pool for the next four hours. Then I had 'correspondence hour' in which I sent e-mails to a friend who's off climbing glaciers in Alaska, wrote a letter to my pseudo-little brother in Army Basic Training, and found out that I have a new blogging friend, whose love for The West Wing rivals my own (always a delightful surprise!). Oh, and I bought an HD TiVo, because my Comcast DVR is crap (Seriously, crap. Records 100 episodes of Burn Notice when I asked it to record only new eps, and no episodes of Eureka when I asked it to record all. Is their mission in life to do the opposite of everything I ask??). So soon, I will be back in the warm embrace of my TiVo! After that, it went on with dinner at P.F. Chang's with a friend, and an evening showing of The Ugly Truth.

All in all, a perfect Saturday, and exactly what I needed after a rather hellish week at work. Here's hoping tomorrow will be even better!! :)