27 April, 2010

It's Almost Time....

Somewhere up north, the air has started to warm, the trees have been growing greener by the day, and the days themselves are getting longer. What does all this mean? Well, it means that it's almost time for PENTWATER!!!!! And thanks to my friend Linda at The Happy Woman Store up in Michigan for sharing the below video with me! It makes me very anxious to get up north for some quality cottage time! Who wants to come with me??

And how much do I love that Tim Allen narrates this? If you guessed "a lot" congratulations!

Holy cow, there are more? Fair warning, I'm about to go a little video happy....

Okay, this one's not as pretty, but hello, Tim Allen is talking about the S.S. Badger! My grandfather's 75th birthday was onboard the Badger!

My Michigan backyard has a private beach!

17 April, 2010

I have the best friends ever!!

My college friend Mel is totally awesome, and got me this shirt. YAY!! Thanks Mel! :)

06 April, 2010

Proud to be a Bulldog

I am now, as I've always been and forever will be, so incredibly proud to be a Bulldog....such an amazing run guys, truly incredible. It's been amazing to watch, and we're all so proud of you! It was a history making season!


2010 Regular Season Horizon League Champions
2010 Horizon League Tournament Champions
2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball West Regional Champions
2010 NCAA National Championship Runner-Up