02 May, 2010

The Mystery Chair is Back!!

Every once in awhile, a chair appears at the end of my hallway:

It matches the hallway carpet, so the first time it appeared, I thought perhaps it was a new decoration that the building management company had brought in. Except that it was only on my floor. And then I thought one of my neighbors at the end of the hall had put it there. Except they said they hadn't. So then I thought perhaps one of the other neighbors had put it there for someone to take. And then it disappeared, so I didn't think too much more about it.

And then it reappeared again:

So now I'm confused. What's the point?? I don't understand, I mean seriously, it appears, it disappears...and why is it there in the first place? To differentiate our hallway from all the others when you come home plastered? So you can sit down when you can't find your keys? I hate to break it to ya kids, but if you can't find your keys you won't have made it past the front gate to begin with so the chair thing seems like a moot point. Maybe it's for the blind guy who lives in our hall and keeps "accidentally" trying to get into other people's apartments at 3a.m. Maybe someone who lives at the end of the hall got tired of being rudely awoken in the middle of the night and decided to leave something there for him to trip over? Me, I'm just thinking of ways to rig up an electrical current to my door handle. Too bad I broke up with the physics major, back in the day, huh? There's a source of knowledge that could have come in handy. Oh well, I'm resourceful, I'll figure something out! Or perhaps get a chair of my own.

So, the mystery chair is back. No one knows how long it will stay, or what it will be used for while it's here, but it remains an enigma wrapped in inscrutability. And yet another example that Florida people are weird.

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Angie said...

My whimsical side would love to see a mystery picture of you taken while sitting on the mystery chair. But hey no pressure, I understand that not everyone has the mind of an eight year-old the way that I do!