11 June, 2010

Airport Weirdness

The gate attendant just announced that he needs 2 volunteers "to protect me.". That's it. Punto. Fin. Nada mas.

Protect him from what? The yapping Maltese in the pink carrier waiting to board (Please God don't let it be sitting next to me....)? The throng of people patiently waiting for their seat assignments (Seriously folks, you can pick them out ahead of time online, then you wouldn't have to do this!)?

In other news, the security folks seem to be overly stressed out for a day when I could count the number of people in line with one hand. One guy kept shouting "ALL THE WAY TO THE END! MOVE YOUR BINS ALL THE WAY TO THE END!" when everyone WAS all the way at the end. Clearly it was time for his coffee break.

Oh, and did I mention I'm posting this from my iPad? Joy! Internet on the go...how did I survive before??


Roland D. Yeomans said...

I love your profile, Roland

Sarah said...

Sigh, again teasing me with the iPad...Have a great time on vaca! Give H and J a big hug for me :o)