23 June, 2010

The Highest Compliment

I've just received what I believe is the highest compliment that any member of the Wetzel family (my college roommate A, her sister Angie, from Shallow Thoughts, and the rest of their fabulous, fun family) can bestow. In a letter she wrote me, Momma Wetzel said "Oh that C, she's just like Disney, she thinks of everything!". I don't think, unless you know them, you can really understand what a high compliment that truly is. These people LOVE their Disney! After a month of non-stop travel, no sleep, and getting sick, that compliment absolutely made my day...heck, my whole week! So thanks Wetzels...you guys are the best!


Alissa said...

Haha, yes indeed, that comment is the Wetzel equivalent of being canonized. So I now dub thee, St. Carrie of Disney.

C said...

Wow! I'm honored. You like me, you really like me! And I don't even have a speech prepared...well first I'd like to thank the academy. I wouldn't be here today without the support of my family, my friends...and of course the Wetzels! Thank you, thank you all so much!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh!! It is so true. I bow to thee, St. Carrie of Disney. I shall build an altar to you and sacrifice bugs upon it to win your favor!! I will declare today your saint day and in honor of you, refrain from working and sit upon thy couch and watch movies!